Bosoz psu question


The 55 V trafo can be used.
The BOSOZ will work well even with lover voltage.

If you sometimes can't find the transformer with the desired
voltage, than try to ask around the shops if they can custom made it for you.

Best regards,
Kristijan Kljucaric


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2002-10-19 7:51 pm
Another PSU question.

Here in South Africa our 220v mains are actually 235v. Now instead of getting 80v D.C. after my rectifier , I get 90v.
1. Is this a big problem?
2. If so, can I just add another zener to the pack, each side?
3. Must I use 7 x 9.1v zeners, or can I use for instance 5 x 12v zeners?
4. On my Aleph30, still waiting for transformer, I must have 25v on rails, but will now have 30v, any problem with this?

Thanx to all.