Borbely DC-50 Class-A 20watts

Just thought I'd show everyone what I'm up to. I'm rebuilding the case for my DC-50 and came up with something unusual for SS guys. The heatsinks I bought for 50.00 off E-Bay. I'm using seperate trans. for the driver and output with a regulated front end. These will be 20 watt monoblocks and I hope to use them in my HT setup with an A75 and a couple of paramours from Bottlehead. Maybe someone caould use this Idea for themselves.:rolleyes:

Well I tried to post pix with this thread but they didn't work. Now what?
Hi Skippy

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. I'm using about a 150W or more version of the DC50 but with bipolar outputs. Same transformer configuration as you.

The amps are built on a piece of 3/4" MDF right now. I've been looking for some ideas to finally package these things up and that might require different heatsinks.


Try putting the picture in a zip file then put the zip file up here....

If that dont work you'll need to do the following:-
1.Resize the picture so it is no larger than 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels long.
2.If the picture is full colour save it as a jpeg .... if it only has a few colours (like a schematic) then save it as gif.
3.Upload it here.