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I am planning to make a pair of bookshelf speakers for my own use can anybody give information on the design and the drivers to be used for the same. The aim is to achieve best results and to make the stuff economical than the branded speakers. It can be a very basic designs like Keff, Wharfedale (diamond 8.1) etc.

I will be very grateful for the designs and information.

reply to AVguy

From my personal experience,most cheap hifi speakers,blow up very easily.So it really depends on the music you play,Dance music,drum and bass,garage,reggae.Tends to blow many speakers,because of the tracks are too bass heavy,and the bass driver,smashes the back plate with over-excersion.I know as a general rule the larger the bass driver,the more bass it can handle and the larger the cone and surround excersion[xmech peak to peak].
So a custom made speaker using Pa/disco bass drivers,but using hifi midrange drivers and trebles.Because the pa mids and trebles are really dull,and lack detail compaired to the hifi quality ones.
As now i'm a dj,i almost forget about cheap rubbish hifi speakers,which blow up easily.But for my flat,the big pa speakers are too large 15 inch bass driver plus horn.
So a year back i bought a Speaker designs and Enclosure construction book.I made a 3 way design with 1x Eminence Beta 10[150w rms] 10 inch bass driver,50hz-4 khz,98 db1w /1m.2 inch voice coil.In twin ported enclosure
1x Audax AP210ZO bass/mid ,70w rms,8 inch,91 db 1w/1m in sealed enclosure
And 1x Audax TW034XO 1 1/4 inch soft dome treble,rated 70w rms,93 db 1w/1m.In same cab as midrange.
And 300w rms 3 way 2nd order crossover.
midrange cabinet lined with BAF wadding.
Bass driver in separate inclosure.
Good source of speaker drivers is and
design of speakers

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I am planning to make a pair of speakers which can handle all types of music well. The cost can be anything valuable for the type of speakers to be made. I too agree being in India I may not get lot of options but if I can get good design and can manage fairly good suitable drivers nothing like it.

Once again thank you for your feedbacks.

ok dave you dragged me into this...kicking and aint that had to twist my arm....i was out for 2 reasons...1. holidays and guests and 2. mom damaged the cartilablge on her knee and was put out of commision she wil be out for a few weeks from wht i know. anyway lets get back to speakers.

1. av guy what av amp are you using
2. are you in a metro (if so wihcih) this will directly affect what you can get locally
3. what are your goals (dont say 140db, 20-20k, flat phase, etc... ) we need realistic goals and what compromises are yo willing to make? do you prefer midrange tonal accuracy to sheer SPLs, do you want a forward sound, have you listened to the following that are available locally (in most metros)

1. Heybrook 0.5
2. JPW 201
3. Wharfdale 8.1
4. B&W 303
5. ALR Entry S
6. Mordant Short
7. Jamo E

in addtion to this there are the typical Onkyo, Yamaha, and other south east asian brands and local brands (Lithos, pandam, torvin, norge etc.)

if you have listened what do you find suits your taste best? 3 locations (10 octaves, Lakozy and Nova Audio) in Mumbai can cover all imported brands. The local brands are less easily found.

if you want to build your own using local drivers itis a bit more difficult.

Bolton and Peerless India (not related to Peerless Denmark) sell some drivers. Of the midbasses the 5" for PI is acceptable as is the 8" from Bolton see you dont get the one with the stamped frame. PI also makes a 1" dome that is ok. at rs. 500 or so each. Lithos uses the PI 5" and 1" in their WATT lookalike. so you can hear what these drivers are capable of.

T/S specs are not available. You'd have to measure the drivers when you get them. do you access to any measuring equipment. ask friends and other enthusiasts.

I manage via a friend who knows a manfacturers. my drivers are smuggled into the factory on a weekend and smuggled out. the manufacturer is wary of diyers so wont let anyone who builds speakers in. he knows me by face.if you let this out, dave will visit you. he is very big :)

what do you intend to do for cabients? and XO parts? do youknow anyone who can make inductors for you locally. if you are in mumbai i can help beyond that you would need to find local help.

Sorry Navin,

First of all I apoligize of not being active.
Thanks for your extensive information on the speakers. I live in Bangalore and have listened to the models which you have mentioned and out of which Jamo E and Diamond 8.1 are good speakers. Regarding the amplifier I am using is old SANSUI amplifier which is about 60W RMS. I have an Denon amplifier too.

As you have mentioned sourcing the drivers should be a major problem here. So if I can manage a decent good stuff I will try it out. One friend of mine is here to help me out in checking the stuff.

With best regards,
I would highly reccomend this...

I would reccommend that you build the Ed Frias DIY bookshelf speaker. There is not a bookshelf speaker ANYWHERE (bold statement I know) that can outperform this speaker at this pricepoint ($220 per pair if you build the cabinets yourself). Here is the link. I know this speaker design forwards and backwards. Email me if you have any questions or if you want to see pictures. I would reccommend that you email Ed Frias himself too if you have any questions. He is very prompt and concise. Go to these links to get the plans and parts listings. Good luck.

GOT TO THIS LINK TO READ THE REVIEWS! Speaker/DIY/PRD_125043_1594crx.aspx
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Regarding drivers

Hi Navin,

Actually why dont you look some drivers which are actually available here like some Pro Audio speaker drivers which has a decent specs. Wouldnt that be a wise thing to do.

So which are the drivers you are getting now ? Let me see if I can find some good stuff.

Cool stuff


Thanks Soundquest for your links and the speakers which you have built is excellent. And the links which you have given is quite descriptive. I will just check that out and get back to you for further information. But my main concern is the price factor. Being in India sourcing all the necessary parts for that would cost too expensive. let me just check that out.


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Re: Bookshelf speakers

avguy said:
Do you have any recommendations to make.

I tend toward full ranges... Fostex FE103, 167, 206E should all fall within your budget. Jordan JX92S as well. (A full range makes the best midrange so i always look at them as the heart of a 2 or 3 way system). The 206E has been getting stellar reviews.

And if you want a traditional 2-way it is hard to beat a VIFA P13WH-00-08, D27TG-45-06, and a 5 uF cap.

description of speakers in picture

The left and right speakers are the Ed Frias DIY's I spoke of. The center is a BIC DV62CLR-S with a modification on the crossover to match the left and right speakers (performed by Ed Frias himself). All of this powered by a Marantz SR6000. The drivers in the DIY's are Peerless. Peerless Mid-woofer Model # 850122 and Peerless Tweeter Model # 812687. The crossovers are made custom by Madisound specifically for the Ed Frias DIY. I'm not sure you can get all this over in India but if you can I would make the effort, you will not be dissapointed.
Re: Regarding drivers

avguy said:
Hi Navin,
Actually why dont you look some drivers which are actually available here ...So which are the drivers you are getting now ? Let me see if I can find some good stuff.

a lot of the stuff i PA which is a much bigger market than home audio esp DIY. I suspect there are not more than 30 serious DIYers in the whole of India (I mean 1 billion people). by serios DIY I mean those who are willing to work at various XO technologies, driver topologies, etc....

I have investigated local drivers. I got the Vifas TC series locally. Also I have to visit Sonotone who resells P audio and JBL. I just have not found the time. The loca Peerless stuff left me unimpressed.

I use the Vifa range a benchmark for pricing and quality. anything less is not worth the effort. my last cabinet cost me Rs. 15,000 ($300) to build using MDF, ply, lead and fiberglass. The XOs cost me Rs 1000 ($20) after i fabricated my own air core 1 mh inductors (DCR 0.1 ohms) and used CTR polyester caps. the drivers cost me a lot less Rs. 5000 ($100) in all (2 x 8", 2 x 6" and 2 x 1").
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