Blue LED for BOSOZ, how to implement?


I like the way as in the figure.
You could install LEDs of as many as number of diode bridges.
You could make them by easy p2p wiring.



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Hi, Friends

I have the diode bridges between the transformers and
the PS capacitors for my BOZ and Zen V2.

I just read the reference AC supply voltage at the bridge position,
e.g. 24V AC in case of my Zen V2. Meanwhile, my blue
LED lightens lovely when about 5mA currents flow thru it.
Therefore, I calculate the necessary resistor value in this way:
24 x 1.414 / 0.005 = 6787, i.e. about 7.5K ohms (watts?
24 x 1.414 x 0.005 = 0.17w).

In the same way,
if the AC supply is 30V, R of about 8.5K and
if 40V, R of about 11.5K and
if 50V, R of about 14K and
if 60V, R of about 17K...

If we know the AC supply value and the necessary current thru
LED for a lovely light, we can calculate the necessary resistor
easily. Try it.

Yochim said:
Should I take a feed off of the power supply rails to the LED? If so should I use a resistor in front of the LED?
Nobody answered his questions.

Yes. Yes.

Calculate R =
[(power supply voltage) - (LED voltage)] / (LED current)

Calculate power of the resistor =
[(power supply voltage) - (LED voltage)] * (LED current)
Double this (at least) to get a power rating for the resistor. You can put a bunch of resistors in series to use smaller-power resistors.

LED voltage, current are about 3V, 5 mA (look up the specs of the LED). Tweak resistor value to adjust brightness.