Blame Pa!

I didn't do that;

I said that whatever you ("you" as - anyone, but anyone clumsy to implement in that sentence, at least when ZMengrish is in question) wrote as reply, should and would show more about you (that exact someone) than it is literaly gesture of Praise Pa!

anyway, enough from me on subject of clarification


2016-04-16 8:27 am



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Top fella Mr Pass. Sharing, kind, helpful, brilliant designer, a true gentleman.

How can anyone blame him for anything? If I had to nit-pick, it would be for sharing his Aleph J design with us, forcing me to upgrade my DAC to Holo May (with Dynaudio Heritage coming soon now...:):)).

I have already packed the bags... awaiting that eviction notice from my wife anytime now...

So If I become homeless, Mr Pass is to be blamed for sure.