Blame Pa!

This one should be sticky :clown:

Ok, I'm going to be first:

-He's officially responsible for me burning fingers with these multilegged fuses,
instead with my first Love - Toobz (proper ones, not those calculator display thingies, you're all using of lately :devilr: )

-He's officially responsible for me greeting The Group, with words :
"G'day, my name is ZM;
I'm ZM."

-He's officially responsible for me finding humor in (some) electronic schmtcs,
and not feeling guilt when ignoring some not having it


'nuff for tonight.

next please (hoping to read some funny and embarrassing stuff here)



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2005-10-18 7:25 am
I would ZM if I actually knew what you are indeed saying here.

By the way, what exactly is a wakootalian? Not sure if you are having a shot at our Italian friends - or it means something entirely different.


For the rest you only have to read the other comments/posts

A crazytalian :cheers:
@hpro: Never looked at ZM's blog, right?
Sure I did. And also I understand the meaning, but this doesn't mean that this is the way I have to use the word Blame instead of Thanks.

In Swiss we do not use Negative meaning phrases for people who are in any kind above in our understandings..

In Swiss we would use that for someone who is a close friend, so as I understand ZM and Mr. Nelson Pass are close friend, but for me he Mr. Nelson Pass is a Mentor, so it's not appropriate to use that phrase as ZM can use it.

Do you think this is Fair and clear?
Thanks for understanding..
Other Countries other Customs..

May the one or other Swiss guy who is hanging around here, thinks different.. we will know soon.
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