Bass(ish) driver for 1.5cf sealed box.

I have Wilson WATT 3 speakers on custom made stands. These stands are 24 x 16 x 11 and were made from one inch mdf. So they are pretty solid.

So Now I am thinking of making them into woofer towers. I have a good dedicated sub, so I am really only thinking of improving dynamics in the region 60Hz to 200Hz.

Since the width of the box will be 11 inches, I guess I would talking a 10 inch or under driver. And I would prefer sealed.

I have an active crossover (LR slopes) and plenty of amp power.

Any thoughts on a good bass(ish) driver? Initial thoughts were the SEAS 10" aluminium as used in the Wilson Sofia, or the Scanspeak 8545. I have also been recommended the Lambda 10 inch.

But I would welcome all thoughts and suggestions.