B&W CM10s2: how to dismantle the midrange?


I need some advice how to dismantle the midrange, i.e. how to remove the unit from the speaker. I suspect there is a potential for improved damping of the chamber, but that require access. However, the midrange is fixed by a rod from the back and has some kind of gell sealing. I do not want to mess it up...
There's actually a video on the midrange driver page which shows in detail how to remove the midrange driver! Look below the image of the driver on the page.

P.S. The midrange enclosure is well damped with what looks like BAF wadding. And the 'gel' isolator ring looks like a rubber ring to me - so no need to worry about damaging it!
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Galu, when you say slacken the rod, do you mean from the back of the speaker?

I am not sure how to even view the holding rod.

Or do I need to slacken this holding rod from the front of the speaker?

I am puzzled ..I see the rod in the parts diagram but don't understand how to go about slackening/unscrewing it..whether from the front or the back etc

If from the front, I don't know how to get to the point where I can view this rod..unless the silver metal trim is first removed exposing screws that must be unscrewed in order to remove the midrange driver..

Or as is the case with the newer 702 s2, perhaps one must first remove the cap in the middle of the driver to expose the rod.. However that cap is soft and pointed and it doesn't seem like something that should be touched..it isn't like the bullet flat cap in the 702 s2..

Any thoughts?


are you trying to get it perform better?
Galu, when you say slacken the rod, do you mean from the back of the speaker?

I am not sure how to even view the holding rod.
The rod adjustment point is clearly visible on the rear of the speaker. When shipped, this has a transit lock over it which should have been removed when the speaker was set up.

Try unscrewing the rod from the rear a bit at a time, simply to see if the mid starts to come loose from the baffle.

As I say, I have no direct experience, but caution you against muckin' about at the front of the driver.

See attachment.


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All's well that does not end well!

I currently listen to music on Kanta 2s and the CM 10 S2s simultaneously. I like the extra oomph I get that way. And those 2 pairs somehow just complement each other and sound extra good in tandem.

I've been looking for an excuse to replace one of those 2 pairs and upgrade to B&W 802 D3s or Focal Sopra 3s for some time now.

If I end up damaging the CM10s during my quest to replace the tweeter, then I will finally have the license I need to upgrade.

You shouldn't have been so helpful Galu!

Here's a pic showing the right hand side of my setup.

B&W CM 10 S2 - Album on Imgur

Cheers and wish me bad luck!