Aurasound NS3-193-8A

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Has anybody used these in anything? From what I can tell, they seem like quite nice little wide-range drivers, except for the horrible efficiency (80db 1w/1m). The huge excursion (20mm p2p) would lead one to think that, hey! we might actually get some bass out of a 3" driver! I'd really like to know if that's the case! And if they're decent (decent, mind you. I don't expect them to be great), what might be the best application? They're cheap too...only $19.80 at madisound.

Any information and/or reccomendations would be wonderful! Thanks in advance....


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The NS-3 is a good little driver. I've been enjoying a set of Illusus' prototypes for the last couple weeks.

You won't get real bass, but enuff to reach down to a sub if you need to.

We tried them briefly as bipoles.

Impedance curves give an Fs of just under a 100, and the bipole in the same box about 20 hz higher. I plan on adding an aperiodic port to the back baffle to see if i can lower the bipole's impedance peak.

Now using them with a sub. XO currently set to 60 Hz.

Very satisfying performance. Using a BGT GC in a Specialized Kits chassis. They start to strain a bit when pushed. Very cute too.

Very versatile. Cheap & small enuff to use as computer speakers. If you can except its efficiency & loudness restrictions and 100 Hz is good (or you have a sub) these make good mains (make good centres & surrounds too). They'd make a killer mid. if you could find drivers inefficient enuff to suit (or bimap!!)


PS: speakers packing taped to the stands


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I just put a pair in some 3 liter, front ported bass reflex boxes that I had built for some Yamaha 3 inchers. They are my computer speakers in an approximately 10' x 10' room. The amp is the same 10 watter I pulled out of my original Yamaha powered speakers. They play plenty loud enough for this room. I listen at barely one-quarter full volume.

The Aura's are better drivers. Not world's better but worth the money. The bass is much tighter and the high's have smoothed out a bit vs. the Yamahas. I think they would shine as a cheap surround setup with a good sub in a smaller room. $120 in drivers plus the sub. Yep, I think that would work really well.

Hmm. As soon as I threw around some spec's on these little things with a few friends, my pair got bought off of me for $25 each!

Now the guy who bought them wants me to build a set of speakers for him, to go along with a modded Sonic-Impact T amp that I sold him a while back. What enclosure is going to get maximum efficiency out of these drivers? I just figured on a BR tuned around 70-80hz, but apparently that's slightly low with the actual Fs being around 100hz. Likely these will be used as computer speakers with a small (6.5"? Maybe that Tang Band unit....or 8") sub.

His listening preferences are loud, driving metal, and some electronica. Very small listening room...will be going into a one bedroom appartment, so nothing extreme. Suggestions?

Thanks tons in advance!
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I found that the sealed enclosure worked best (the kits I'm about to launch have a removable rear baffle allowing the user to switch between sealed, aperiodic, ported and bipole) won't be able to pull much more bass out of these with a BR..maybe a transmission line ala Tim? (Tim's NS3 TL)

The sealed enclosure helps out in the power handling department as well.
Those TLs are just what I'm looking for! And using his computer monitor for size reference, they're perfect for my friend's appartment. And with Fb ~60Hz, we may be able to escape using a subwoofer (might make the neighbors unhappy....thin walls :dead: )

Illusus, when might you be launching the kit? And for how much? I like the way these drivers sound free-air, I might be interested in buying one of your kits....

Thanks tons!
Tim's little TL sure is appealing, I'm going to try a pair for myself as soon as I get more drivers to play with.

I will (unless something awful happens) begin taking orders September 1st. By then expect a deditcated website plus a thread in this forum.
Cost is not absolutely final yet, but I am working hard to keep it at less than $100US/pr...the first ten pairs will be available to forum members only, and will carry a discount or a bonus baffle set...haven't decided which yet. The kit will be a 'just add glue' affair.
Thanks for the encouragement helps in keeping my fire stoked.

P.S. these things have a pretty good synergy with the T-amp...the near field imaging still floors's like a hologram...sonogram?(that's already something else) holophon?
I still have a pair of these little drivers sitting in their boxes, along with a pair of composite decking posts. My intentions are to do MLTL's as discussed long ago in this thread. However, that project fell by the wayside a bit thanks to a move and concomitant push to get most of my main system up and running.

While before I was planning to use them in my study, in my new flat I think the bedroom is the most appropriate place for some long, skinny speakers.

As an aside, Dave how are those Ikea stands? (I assume the ones in your picture are these.) I was looking at them recently because I like the look and the price, but was worried that the thin metal tube supports would cause energy storage problems even if the ones that weren't running wire were filled with sand...
If anyones made a pair of Cyburgs Needles and has access to the Aura drive units it might be worth trying them.

Or perhaps someone may build their own from scratch, I use the FRS8's in mine and am quite happy, but it would be interesting to hear comments from someone who has fitted and listened to the Aura units.

Regards - Jem
I used a pair in a pair of fence post TL's
they sounded nice but I like to play so I added some FostexFF85K'S & two aurasound NS3-194-8E now they sound great. I can now setback and enjoy them for hours where befor they would get tiresome after a half hour or so. I use a small sub but have it turn almost all the way down. So far total cost is about $150 and worth every dime IMHO.
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