Anybody tried that?

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It seems to be working. Anybody knows how?


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Use a large transformer. Hook up the primary to the ac and do not connect the secondary.The Richard Grey device is nothing but an 8 Henry inductor.
See how much you can overcharge for capacitors and inductors if you can put them in a pretty box.


P.S. Harry that is an awesome looking power conditioning device.Is it part of the Brittany Spears collection?

I use Analysis Plus speaker cable and interconnects. Check their web site out.
As for power cords I use good 10 gauge electrical cord from my local hardware store for amplifiers and more Analysis Plus for my pre-amp, d/a converter and transport.

Hi Harry & others

Seen from the power companys point of view it's a great idea to connect capacitors to the net. It will compesate for the fact that almost all the load are inductive (transformers, motors, etc.) and almost none is capacitive. So, bringing the impedance Z nearer to the pure ohmish load will reduce the Ampere in the wires.

Actualy the power company has large capacitor banks placed at the sub stations for the same reason. ;)

And no! Adding more capacitors won't reduce your electrical bill. The meter measures at the R axis anyways, but your wires and fuses will be loaded at the Z. :D :D :D
Wire design theory

I had to stop reading audiophile wire theory by doctors orders. I nearly laughed my spleen loose the last time I read one. I prefer Vonnegut for outrageous fiction. Let us sing together from the Books of Bokonon:

I wanted all things
To seem to make some sense,
So we could all be happy, yes,
Instead of tense.
And I made up lies
So that they all fit nice,
And I made this sad world
A par-a-dise.

Look! No damn cat and no damn cradle.

If you run your wires through the centre hole of an compact disc, the aluminum layer will absorb the bad energy that runs along the wires.

1. The reason why this works is that the holes (0 and 1's) are spaced with exactly the same wavelength as the bad energy. Ofcourse only printed CD's work, burned CD's won't because...

2. [Insert your favorite crackpot theory here].

3. The best thing to do is to buy our special treated CD's developed by Dr. Schweinhund. They absorb nearly twice the energy os normal CD's. Right now only $199!!!!
I tried something similar that Harry presented here. It worked OK with A75, however I had to remove it since Aleph5 appeared in a system. Without capacitors the definition of highs is much better and I also achieved better perception of space. Any thoughts?
The device I have shown at the beginning of the thread worked with both amps well though.


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