Alpair 12pw Fullrange?

Hi Guys
Just wondering if anyone has tried the Alpair 12pw on its own. I can see it is discribed as a Mid woofer but the treble seems to roll off fairly gently.
Also I have a pair of A6P which I found to be too lifted in the upper regions for my taste, can anyone compare these to the regular fullrange A12p in terms of smoothness and character.
Thanks Simon


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Except for its efficiency, looks ideal for a SET or PP with variable DF tone controls if ~accurate, so could be quite entertaining spinning analog vinyl in a small room/near-field app or even a fairly large room with the latter.

Can high Vas even be built into MA's designs?

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Bernie is building a pair of big Mar-Kens for sngle A12pw.


35 litre net internal volume.

Some great designs there Dave.
Not quite sure how to do the angled cuts on the Mar Ken, but looking forward to seeing Bernies ones when finished.
Zman I will be using some humble class d amps( probably these Sanwu ones that are popular at the moment) and a cheap but quite good Chinese valve preamp.
Hello all. Regarding the implementing of an existing build- I'm using open baffle, with each baffle using a 12P with just an inductor and resistor paralleled to mellow the treble a little, and a 12PW separately amplified with a subwoofer plate amp.
I'm using a medium Q on the plate amp parametric equalizer to dip 14.5db below 35 hertz, to help protect them from my all in one system movie bass.
Sometimes I'll use my old preamplifier's rumble filter to protect both drivers for this. It starts at 100hz, and is down only 6db at 50 hertz I think.
I don't listen at loud average levels, and the 12PW cones don't move more than about an 1/8th of an inch, but I'm unfamiliar with the XMax 1 way. Is this meant the limit of the voice coil's movement while staying in the magnetic field, or can it be launched beyond it, possibly damaging the spider?