Adcom GFP-565 Treble Potentiometer replacement

Looking for recommendations on sourcing a replacement potentiometer for Adcom GFP-565 Treble pot VR203 which is a 4tr 1742 20k bx2
Symptom = Left channel treble adjustment has no effect. Right channel works as expected.
I used my meter and measured the pot. It is open on the left channel. I tried some Deoxit but that didn't help at all.
Thanks for your consideration and advice.
Following up. I took Dan's advice, removed and worked on the potentiometer today. First time I have taken a pot apart, but it went smoothly. The springs for the left channel were weak so I adjusted them and cleaned everything with contact cleaner before reassembling. Success! Now the treble works well on both channels. Thanks Dan (y)


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