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A75 Monoblocks

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A75 Monoblocks for sale. Separate transformer and regulated PS for input stage (no voltage doubler). Quality components. Base made from 1/2" aluminium, front and back 1/4" aluminium, anodized black. Those are really great sounding amps. $1,500 barely covers the parts cost.


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The speakers are open baffle using Focal Audiom 12" and 15" woofers, Triangle midranges and Raven R1 ribbons. I made many speakers before but those are absolutely best sounding. I wouldn't make closed box enclosure again. The base is so natural and deep and there is so much detail to be heard. Midranges don't use crossover on the bottom, they go down naturally at around 80 Hz. I use active crossover on the woofer (based on Threshold crossover).
Triangle midranges

I am wondering which Triangle drivers you use in your impressive speakers. I have a pair of Triangle 13cm and a pair of 16cm. I will try to match one pair with Magnepan 40" true ribbons as soon as I receive my electronic xover. I am wondering if the T13 or the T16 will be best. Are the Triangles used with an open baffle as well?

I will use my REL subwoofer for bass. The T16, TZ200 triangle tweeter and REL Storm subwoofer made a wonderful combo with true to life pipe organ realism. I just built two Tripath amps that will enable me to bi-amp.

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