A new hf unit, very nice looking.

A parcel arrived the other day, a box containing two smaller boxes.


What might be inside the small boxes?


Ah! A nice looking bullet tweeter!

This one a bit special, ringradiator, or annular ring, wichever You prefer, membrane, the same as in the HF104, my favourite compression driver, compared to the traditional bullet units it has quite a large bandwith, usable from 2,5k.

Buildquality, as usual from Faital, is ridicously good.


Measurments from manufacturer are very good, will do my own to compare.


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Hi Stu!

Sobering up is, i think, not within reach tonight, i´ve just served Brittmarie a decent planked steak and the very nice western cape mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet and Shiraz is still in very good suply.

New pics will have to wait until tomorrow, need to tidy up the kitchen after my cooking, allways looks a mess after my work, also, i shiped a little bunch of speakers,


a few of them in production, to Friends Arena, the new swedish national arena for football, or soccer for our american friends, and a giant venue for music, so they will be on air live on national tv tonight so i´ll have to watch and se if they manage to slip into sight, stupid old man, oh yes.

Nice to see You here too Stu.