A monitor for an e-drum kit

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My son has been learning drums for about 6 months and so has been rewarded with a drum kit. Thankfully it has headphone output so the neighbours are spared.

Does anyone have any experience with measuring or designing drum monitors.

Based on my limited knowledge of drums, the frequency response should be from 50Hz to 1Kh; with harmonics extending to about 6-10KHz, although cymbals can extend to some 15KHz.

So I plan to try my hand on a 2 way with a 12 midbass and a dome tweeter in a waveguide or compression driver in a horn/waveguide. It’s an excuse to use all those parts on the shelf.

What is the design targets for a drum monitor?


2 way?

Of course for a few hundred dollars there’s the Alexis Strikeamp 12 and Roland PM-200. The specs are geared towards musicians so little is indicated about the performance characteristics. But they have a mixer and equaliser knobs for tone and knowing Roland, probably has FIR DSP, is highly optimised and fit for purpose. And cost optimised for musicians.
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