A little about me and some questions for you :)


2010-09-01 9:50 pm
Hi everyone

I have a background in basic electronics. I am an industrial electrician so I'm familiar with all the safety issues involved in working on old gear (early 80's and older). I am interested in learning more about old school audio repair. I mainly want to work with rack mount amps guitar heads and mixing boards. If anyone could suggest some good resources and essential gear I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm currently using a fluke T5-600 DMM and can borrow a fluke 289 logging DMM. I have other basic gear micro screwdrivers, 40w Weller soldering station etc. I would like to buy an O-scope but I don't know what bandwidth to look for or how many channels I would need. If any one knows of a good cheap model that I could acquire from Ebay that would be great.

Thanks in advance
Welcome to diyAudio!!!
These links should keep you busy for awhile! ;)
All About Circuits : Free Electric Circuits Textbooks
Volume VI - Experiments : All About Circuits
Basic Car Audio Electronics
How to Solder
Troubleshooting and Repair of Consumer Electronic Equipment

Lot's of help here online and via PM - don't be shy - just stay safe and try to keep your sense of humor!! :D

Don't be discouraged when you blow some stuff up - we have all done it - and most likely will let the "magic smoke" outta a few more things before all is said and done.