A Concise Guide to the Published Amplifier Circuits of Nelson Pass

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It has been a couple of years since I have been on here due to operations and Hospital stuff, I was wondering if the following website is still reliable
for ordering circuit boards for Aleph amps and power supplies, I haven't decided what to build. I might do a set of powered speaker like the ones Nelson did a while back with multiple Aleph amps inside. I prefer active crossovers and sealed cabinets with DSP for bass extension. I can't find any current comments on the reliability and quality of the circuit boards and stuffing lists that come with them on this site. Anyone know anything?
Brian Burke

Not sure if this is of any help, but I bought my Aleph5 boards from the "KKPCB" chap. Not the cheapest, but well documented and with parts lists too. I built my PSU to his design also. This was some years ago, and it was my first amp project. The owner (Kristijn I think) also was happy to help with a few tech issues. As I said that was some time ago. Mr Pass had approved his use of the intellectual property as far as I remember. (This is in no way to denigrate any other later or other designs, boards or suppliers). Best wishes.