54v - 0 - -54v DC class d amp


2010-02-12 4:09 pm
I have a dead onkyo 504. I am planning to do an amp kit in it.
Basically its a 37v - 0 - 37v AC supply, so I 54v DC output.

I'd like it to be nice sounding and be able to drive hard loads and be stable @ maybe 2ohm or so, absolute power isn't that critical.

Any suggestions ?
If you have the trafo and caps in dead Onkyo, by all means use it - the case is nice too as that is pricey to make.

This is what I use, and they actually sound really good. Very low distortion and a true 200w if you have a 53v dual rail supply capable of the current.

YJ IRS2092 200W Class D Amp Mono Amplifier Board YJ-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

Abraxalito has some suggested mods of adding 10uF or bigger bypass caps onto the analog power rails of the tiny SMT IRS2092 IC.


2010-02-12 4:09 pm
The cabinet and binding posts etc I'll use, but only if I can truly build it in the chassis. I would have to try to separate where the input is, and if its all coming in in 1 location, as in all the different inputs all get to the amp board in this connector.
If not, I think I may just take it out of the chassis. I have a few other dead amps too. In fact the other one also is an onkyo that nearly is fully gutted.
I would have to see, I am yet to finish a kit amp I started years ago. The top needs to be made, and I've just waffled on it for years. But that guy is a standalone power amp, and it looks like a carver m1.0 and sounds like a Pioneer sx950 or close enough.

Anyway I will have to start on these - I modded a sharp cd7700 and did a wood face for it, I like that flat metal or wood face front. However the full chassis and binding posts and those get $$$$ fast. If the face is useful, I'll keep it, but if its just a dummy, like the display and volume and whatnot don't mean nothing, I'll probably just fit a wood face on it and call it a day.