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Resources for acoustic measurements

Posted 8th June 2015 at 03:32 PM by MartinAndersen
Updated 14th January 2016 at 04:56 PM by MartinAndersen (new link)

This is my collection of everything related to speaker measurements. Better to share it than hide it away in my bookmark collection

Understanding Cabinet Edge Diffraction
"One of the most misunderstood topics in audio is the subject of diffraction. Diffraction, acoustic phase, and how listening rooms impact our reproduction of sound, based on what I see posted in many discussions on the internet, are subjects of much confusion. In this article I will attempt to clear some of the fog on the topic of cabinet diffraction, and hopefully, present it in such a way as to make it much easier to understand."

The frequency of sound is the rate at which the waves pass a given point. It is also the rate at which a guitar string or a loudspeaker vibrates.

The relationship between velocity, wavelength and frequency is:

velocity = wavelength x frequency


Since sound is a compression wave, its amplitude corresponds to how much the wave is compressed, as compared to areas of little compression. Thus, it is sometimes called pressure amplitude.
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