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Default Amp Camp Amp #1


Do-It-Yourself audio is a great activity. Many major audio components are easily constructed and made to perform as well or better than what we see in the stores and at considerable savings. The process is educational and therapeutic and there are few greater satisfactions...

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3rd September 2012
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Ditto here. Anxiously awaiting the PCBs as this looks like a wonderful (and safe!) project to undertake with my son.
12th September 2012
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Nice and a simple for someone who wants to get his/hers hands dirty and get started with a project
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12th September 2012
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Looks like "baseboard heating".
24th October 2012
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What was the reason to split output current sensing resistor, then
not split R7 into bootstrap and allow this current source be active?

Your output is cap coupled, not like a single unsplit current sense
here would have made a constant current behave any differently.
Also the split being slightly assymetric looks suspiciously like you
had at least tried an active version based upon split sensing, and
then abandoned without removing the unnecessary components.

In the interest of simplicity (if that is the only reason), why are we
having 4 non-identical resistors instead of one or two all the same?
29th October 2012
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Please come over to Darwin, Australia and run your Amp Camp in my back garden.
I am, however - since I built my speakers, now going to build an amp.
10th November 2012
sarge cortes
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wow. it's a great amp..clean
14th November 2012
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Thanks diyAudio ~_~
7th December 2012
waited for months and the PCBs/kits are still with "sold out" status.
29th August 2013
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The kits with chassis' and power supplies are now available in the store.
Amp Camp Kit - Kits

check out this post for an important mod to get the best performance:

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Burning Amp thread here on diyAudio
21st December 2013
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finished my amps yesterday, they have about 16hrs on them and I am really blown away. These little amps sound really good. I built them as designed no changes. I mean I'm all for tweaking and making them sound better but I think I'm just going to listen to them for a while. It's almost as if these little amps were the missing link in my system. Hard to believe. It really is as if I don't have speakers in the room anymore, just music, it's crazy. Thanks for such an awesome kit.

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