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You deserve the best! Donate and help us to help you!

We strive to deliver the fastest pages, the most useful features and the most reliable service. A donation will help us continue to serve you in the manner to which you've become accustomed and continue to improve your experience. Donate and as a bonus you'll get all the benefits of that donation level for 12 months, plus a warm and fuzzy feeling for knowing you've helped keep your community in top shape.


Donation Level Donation PMs Gallery storage space Hide ads Enhanced Print View / Save All Images Custom Title Banner on Sponsors Page
$10 200 50MB Yes Yes No No
$20 500 100MB Yes Yes Yes No
$50 1,000 250MB Yes Yes Yes No
$100 Unlimited 500MB Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Donation Level   Your donation level determines the number of extra features and benefits you get, over and above your regular membership. All donation levels give you a swanky looking star icon underneath your avatar as recognition of your contribution towards diyAudio's health.
Donation   A once off donation made using PayPal, a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), or bank transfer (availability depends on your country). Once you've donated, you'll automatically be given all the benefits listed in the table above for a period of 12 months. If none of those payment methods works for you, you can mail us cheque, money order, western union, cash, etc, please contact us before sending.
PMs   The number of private messages you can hold in your inbox. Higher levels give you more room in your inbox to archive important messages.
Gallery storage space   The amount of storage space you have in total when uploading to the gallery. All your images will be stored securely on our server and backed up to multiple geographic locations daily. The use of diyAudio to store images is subject to our terms of service and is only for storing images of interest to the diyAudio community (at managements discretion).
Hide Ads   Once you've donated you can elect whether you'd like to see ads throughout the site. Just go to your Control Panel and click on Edit Options, and down the very bottom you'll see you have new options:

Subscriber Options
Custom Title   If you've donated more $20 or more you'll be able to edit the title that's under your display name in the forums (see the above description for how to change the donor options).
Enhanced Print View / Save All Images   The Enhanced Print View was developed to meet the needs of diyAudio members who require more functionality than the standard vBulletin thread print offers, specifically the ability to easily print (long) threads, easily print threads with all images (such as schematics) and to save all the images in a thread to your computer.

It looks similar to the regular print view with the following differences:

  • The number of posts on each page defaults to 100
  • You have the option to view ALL posts on one page. This gives you the flexibility to use your browsers "print preview" and "print range" options to print a whole thread in one go, or any range of pages therein. It also lets you easily save all the images from a thread (see below).
  • Attachments are resized to an 800 pixel wide "facade" by your browser so they look pleasant and are of manageable size while you browse, but print in full detail (as the original files are actually being linked/used)
  • External images appear on the page instead of appearing as links
  • Because all images appear on the one page, you can easily use DTA or Firefox (just go to [Tools]->[Page Info]->[Media] and use shift-click to "select all") to save all the images from a thread in one go.
Banner on Sponsors Page   If you have donated $100 or more you can elect to have a banner displayed on our sponsors page (which will have a bit more exposure soon).

Donate Now!


The fine print! Any donation is simply a donation and not a purchase of products or services. Any benefits given to you by diyAudio following your donation are not linked to your donation but given freely, and at the sole discretion of diyAudio, purely as a gesture of goodwill for you being so awesome. diyAudio has a reputation for quality membership and we aim to maintain that - should you find your account banned due to your bad behavior any benefits will be terminated.

On a lighter note - we're VERY grateful for the generous donations from caring diyAudio members that have kept us alive for the last 10 years. We love you! If you think you can write the fineprint better, please let us know, we're not lawyers but if you donate enough maybe we could hire some to write our legalese :)

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