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bisesik 10th December 2018 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by analog_sa (
Whether the loading resistor is applied to the primary or secondary the effective load seen at the dac output is way too high for any reasonable voltage compliance.

"too high" compared to what?

Is it to act as a low pass?

dubai2000 8th March 2019 02:06 PM

I have been using those transformers for a while in an ancient Sony CDP that contains a CXD2552Q2 D/A chip - I know, old technology - but I have always liked the big soundstage created by that player. Once I started tinkering with my gear I tried a variety of CDP mods - different capacitors, bypassing the output stage after the opamps - and, as a matter of course, different opamps - all the way to discrete ones (manufactured by two different companies).
Well, to cut a long story short - I was introduced to Ivan's transformers in a friend's project - and as it takes a bit longer than expected to replicate it - I decided to use the transformers in the above mentioned CDP - and - there is no way that I shall ever go back to any opamp - the only way that comes to mind to describe what the transformers have done to the music is - taking away any digital artifacts (for the lack of a better word). CDs - especially well-recorded ones - sound simply more natural without any digital "harshness" - and those that are less well recorded? Well, they sound the way they are, but still a lot better than before - and some even far less thin that I had always believed. So, yes, I am a very happy customer and the next step is going to be getting those trannies that can be used with a TDA1541 player.

androa76 8th March 2019 05:41 PM

In a few days i will try them with accu powered ak4495 dac. To completely eliminate power supply influence and hear what this transformers brings instead of all sort of output stages that i have tried till now.

laserscrape 15th March 2019 09:39 AM

Can one transformer be configured to provide balanced or single ended output or do you have to choose?

bisesik 15th March 2019 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by laserscrape (
Can one transformer be configured to provide balanced or single ended output or do you have to choose?

Sure, I can make 1:0.5+0.5 or 0.5+0.5:0.5+0.5 (if the DAC have differential output and center point is needed) version of turns ratio for your choice. You will connect coils different ways to provide SE or BAL outputs. It is extra 10USD to the cost of standard (1:1) version.

dubai2000 Simple and understandable :) Thank you!

laserscrape 15th March 2019 10:46 AM

ok, so for 9038Pro 0.5+0.5:2+2 would be the right choice?

bisesik 15th March 2019 11:16 AM

I have not tried 9038pro, but for 9018s I am using 1:4 in SE version. For the BAL output there will be 2+2, but for the primary coil you can use 0.5+0.5 or 1 for your choice. So yes 0.5+0.5:2+2 is OK to use anyway.

bisesik 15th March 2019 11:32 AM

In case of ES90x8 chips there is no need to use grounded center point between + and - of the signal. Moreover my expiriences says me that avoiding tighting somehow to ground of the output signal from DAC (if it is possible) is better for SQ. There are some DACs that have + and - of the signal with respect to the ground (like PCM1792) - and in that case there will be no sound at all, untill you not connected to the ground. Say if you can avoid summing stage then no need to split the load. So in case of ES90x8 or AK449x - there is no need to "watch the ground". You can but not necessary.

laserscrape 15th March 2019 11:46 AM

ah i was about to ask , thanks for the explanation.
looking forward trying this out! I will get back to you.

laserscrape 16th March 2019 04:21 AM

Hi, I decided to go for 1:4 because balanced isnt needed that much and continuity of a single winding is preferable, also with half the step up for balanced it wouldnt sound the same.

Can you explain why 1:4 is preferred than 1:1 with lower I/V resistor?

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