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SkinnyBoy 12th January 2004 11:06 PM


Originally posted by Bose(o)
Yup, nice large STK as it goes....SVI 3205 is the code marked on the package.

Wouldn't there be different power requirements for different STKs?

hmm...the LMs...possible, but slightly difficult...I'm guessing that I'd have to buy a seperate circuit board and run the wires as they correspond to the PCB. I may also need a new heatsink...though, I'd guess the current amp IC is fine.

nice? :P lol not really nice... heh

umm.. different STK ICs use different voltage rails.. :)

LM's will sound much nicer.. :D lol sure, the amp IC is "fine" but who wants fine? :p

Bose(o) 12th January 2004 11:44 PM

whoops...I meant to say the current amp IC's heatsink would be fine for two LM3886s.

"nice." hmm...guess not eh? STKs must be really nasty, considering I can't find too much of anything on the net about STK, replacements and such.

so, now the project becomes...REPLACING STK WITH TWO LM3886s.

I'm just going to poke around the net for a bit more...any links to 3886 projects, STK-pin sheets (I need those so, I'm not totally in the dark about how I should connect my possible LMs. would be great...thank you!

SkinnyBoy 12th January 2004 11:46 PM


Originally posted by Bose(o)

so, now the project becomes...REPLACING STK WITH TWO LM3886s.

whoops... look what I did.. :xeye:

KevinLee 13th January 2004 12:36 AM

Replacing your STK or SVI with another device would in my opinion be a fruitless endevour.

Like I mentioned before, look for another platform to upgrade and move the Technics to the 'workshop' sound system.


Kevin Lee:)

SkinnyBoy 13th January 2004 12:42 AM

I am getting a Technics amp with a blown IC (or so I have been told) which I am going to replace with a couple of LM3886's probably.. :) depending on the voltage rails though...

EchoWars 13th January 2004 12:44 AM


Leave the originals in place. Properly implemented IC outputs can and DO sound quite good. Perhaps not as good as the best discrete outputs, but I'd venture to say the replacing with the 3886's would be a step backwards.

If you really really want to turn this into a project, then get the manual and look look it over for places to 'tweak'...but grandiose plans of replacing output modules or transformers will end in disaster for the keep it basic.

Bose(o) 13th January 2004 01:06 AM

Ahhh...there we go, thanks for the link echo. Also, what would I be looking at for the tweaking process? Simply changing components to 'exotic' ones? or....whatever.

But, one more question. Would, say, changing some of the caps, resistors and such improve sound? I know a toroidal transformer usually "sounds" better than most others. I also know that there are exotic types of capacitors that use bamboo and oils, etc.

EchoWars 13th January 2004 06:40 AM

The problem you will run into if you decide to use the real exotic caps is size...there is likely not enough room on the board.

Here's how I approach it...

Power supply caps for the regulated sections, and DC-bypass caps are all replaced with Panasonic FC caps from Digikey. Caps that are actually in series with the signal path are replaced with Panasonic ECWF(B) series metalized polypropylene up to values of about 4.7f if there is room. If not, I either put in a Panasonic FC cap, or if I want to spend a few bucks more, I'll use a BlackGate 'N' series cap, or maybe a BG 'C' series. Any bipolar is also examined to see if I can fit a metal polypro cap, and if not, a BlackGate 'N' series cap goes in. This scheme works pretty well and I can get all except the BlackGates at Digikey.

If I decide to replace the big expensive high-current power supply caps, I'll use whatever fits ;) (Usually means a Nichicon from Michael Percy).

End result is always very good. You can spend more, but it's a case of diminishing returns.

Bose(o) 13th January 2004 11:48 PM

Okay, thank you very much echo...I'll post again with more questions if I have any.

SkinnyBoy 14th January 2004 04:36 AM

Mines a Technics SU-Z55 and it has one of the channels blown, and either the blown part of the IC is putting a load on the transformer, or the transformer is dead too.. cos theres an 8 volt offset on the output.. lol

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