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tiefbassuebertr 29th January 2020 03:02 PM

Philips User Processors MAB8441P (MAB 8441P, MAB8441) Data for Txxx Programming Code
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In Philips vintage cd player models (so as in high grade brands like e. g. Krell, SAE, Proceed, Mark Levinson, Micromega) there are a often the MAB8441P in use but with a wide range of different programming codes.

The following versions of MAB8441P are very common:
T082 and T012.

But also I have found this versions:
Probably there are many more.

But the associated datas so as information about compatibility I don't find on the web.

Please let me know, from where I can get this information ?
Follow threads don't provide the wanted informations:
Old Philips DAC module - info. required.
Help me I need MAB8441PT164 DataSheets
Help me I need MAB8441 PCF3523 PCF2705 DataSheets

Thanks for advices.

tiefbassuebertr 29th February 2020 09:14 PM

I have heard, that the German company ASWO had a CD-ROM, where a reverse search was also possible.
I. e. from part naming to the brand/model.
Who know the old order code of this ASWO cd rom ?

tiefbassuebertr 6th March 2021 08:19 AM

any news ?

Regenpak 6th March 2021 12:04 PM

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This is a mask-programmable ROM controller. According to the datasheet (attached) the ROM is programmed in the factory. This is the version code you encounter. It is unique for a specific function. I am not aware of any lookup table/information source for these versions. I ran into this myself while repairing a Cyrus AM/FM tuner. I ended up writing my own firmware...

These controllers were available as spare parts from (apparently also) ASWO and others. They also rarely fail, usually they get locked up in some unexpected mode due to an unhandled/unforeseen combination of inputs or other bugs. As for spares, if they are indeed faulty you're dependant on old stock. I got lucky with a failed NEC controller in a Technics amp. A NOS one from an obscure source solved the issues completely.

You could have a go at MFBFreaks forum as there is a lot of Philips-specific information around.

tiefbassuebertr 9th March 2021 11:27 AM

good advive:
MAB microcontroller versie overzicht -

The efforts are only for the aim to find replacement devices in used condition to get the same device for the case, when it is necessary.
In the moment I need for Micromega top-loaders replacement cheap cd player models. In use are the follow:

Micromega SOLO mit CDM1-MKII/CDM4/25:
1) MAB 8441P T018 (Operating Unit/front PCB)
2) MAB 8441P T164 (Servoprozessor board)
3) SAA7310GP/SAA7321GP

Micromega DUO mit CDM9-pro:
1) MAB 8441P T018 (Operating board/front PCB)
2) MAB 8441P T162 (Servoprocessor)

Other devices with this versions:

NSM PickUp Driver Board:
1) MAB 8441P T018 (operating section)
2) MAB 8441P T164 (servo units TDA5708/TDA5709)

Krell CD-DSP
MAB 8441P T164

B&O Beocenter 8000 9000 9300 8500 9500 CD control board:
MAB 8441P T164 - go to one of the pictures under
CD Control Board for Beocenter 9500

GRUNDIG CD 35 (not CD-35X):
2xTDA1540P – SAA7030 CDM-2/10 MAB8441P-T018

Concerning this the MAB versions T162/T164 are not in use in single cd player models with loader/tray - this means only hifi consoles, music centers, hifi systems and ghetto-blasters equipped with CDM1-CDM9 (maybe with front loader but without loader with tray) uses this programmable version.

Where is such an overview/model list in the kind of those from the URL as follow ?
CD-Player-DAC-Transport List

tiefbassuebertr 16th March 2021 12:46 PM

I have ask there - Watch our large collection of photos and information of classic Marantz & Philips cd-players

rockeater 13th May 2021 06:19 PM

How did you go tiefbassuebertr ?
Any news from Dutch Audio Classics people?
I am working on this Cambridge Audio which has two of them, T065 and T082 variety and they might be cooked. I wanted to get some just in case without realising that they are programmable...
Please keep us updated.

davidsrsb 14th May 2021 03:44 PM

Mask programming is a production special and cannot be programmed later

tiefbassuebertr 18th May 2021 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by davidsrsb (
Mask programming is a production special and cannot be programmed later

yes, as long as no details available concerning the Txxx programm version.
That was the reason to start this thread.

congole 14th September 2021 11:02 PM

Has anyone been able to find more on the Txxx program versions and possible backward/forward compatibility? A friend of mine and I have an PHILIPS CD304 (MK I) that needs the IC replacement; funny thing - on the board is the MAB8441P-T016, while the service manual states that MAB8440P-D060 is used (!)

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