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pan53 20th September 2019 10:38 PM

Finally! My SAKSA 85 up and running :-)
Around 4 months ago I had received my SAKSA module. I also had sourced a 300VA toroid transformer from, so only an enclosure was missing. But the process of ordering it from Italy was not as straightforward as i had thought. After an initial contact all my mails with the dwg files they needed to drill all the holes remained unanswered for months till I thought the company was out of business. Well, it isn’t as finally at the end of July I received an answer. My mails had for some reason not reached them (???) and now they were closing for holidays till end of August….:mad:

Well, not to bore you with all this mishap, around ten days ago I received the enclosure and since a couple of days I am listening to the best power amp I have ever had!

For many many years a pair of NAD stereo power amps were (in two way active mode) powering my Manger speakers - not really high end, but not bad either (the NADs, not the Mangers, these German drivers are just wonderful). Before that I had 2 monstrous 400W Uher power amps, which finally failed and two attempts to get them repaired did not work out too.

The last couple of years I was upgrading the source components. (Philips CD 304 CD Player from around 1984 with two of the famous 1540 DACs, modified to non oversampling by Roman Groß, Sansui TU-X1 tuner, heavy plinth record player based on a 1980 or so Lenco L75 drive with 12“ Jelco arm and hana SL moving coil pickup (per, Ed Schilling's „the Truth“ line stage and a Nelson Pass B4 active crossover). Still, the sound of the system was not completely what it should be.

That has changed now.

The SAKSA apparently replaced the last weak link in my chain. It is still a bit early to give a final assessment. But one improvement is profound, very satisfying and immediately obvious: Whereas before loud musical passages like a fortissimo orchestra mushed up the sound and were shrill and hard on the ears, now the instruments stay separated, and the space does not collapse anymore. The clarity is amazing, the details and the space around the instruments is way better then ever before!

In summary, I have the feeling that the whole system is now without any obvious weak link. A life long road to the best possible (and affordable) audio reproduction has come to a point where I am satisfied and have no urge to improve anything any further. Well recorded music is pure bliss and friends comment that they have not heard recorded music any better.

The SAKSA 85 was the last missing piece in the puzzle! Thanks Hugh for this marvelous amp! :yummy:

Oohps, I forgot: I have to order a second module! Because for my active system I need two!! The case I ordered is large enough for two modules,

I just wanted to test one just to be sure before ordering the second module (currently a cheap but decent little digital amp with 2x50 watts is powering the bass speakers as a stop gap and the SAKSA is driving the Manger transducers.) Hugh, if you read this, please take this as a purchase order for another SAKSA 85.

When I have listened more extensively I will report back. And post some photos…
Peter from Austria

AKSA 21st September 2019 09:00 AM

Hi Peter,
Thank you very much for your terrific post! I'm delighted your SAKSA hit the spot! I always thought it was one of my best amps, almost up with the Maya, and to here this affirmation I'm really very happy. You've made my day!

I will work on your second, Peter.... I have good stocks of them in inventory.

I have spent about 25 years on audio design, and I feel that at this point I'm really kicking goals. There is a lot of psychoacoustics in audio and it's much underestimated. And the spatial characteristics of amps are not well understood, sixty years down the track.



pan53 21st September 2019 03:34 PM

A quick photo with my mobile phone. On top of the pile the little stop gap digital amp (SMSL SA50) powering the woofers, then the B4 active crossover, then the housing of currently one SAKSA. When the second module gets put in, all 4 LEDs will light up. Unfortunately no photos of the inside yet. I was just too eager to get it finished and playing to take photos during assembly. :blush: I will catch up on that when I get the second module.

At the moment Bach's Goldberg variations (solo harpsichord, Christiane Jaccottet playing) fill my living room.
OMG, never has it sounded so "there", so live and "actually in the room". Not much difference to the artist being really present with her instrument. I'll have to listen to my CD collection all over again. Hopefully my hearing will be up to it when I am 99 .....;)

pan53 21st September 2019 05:04 PM

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hopefully the photo will show now. Sorry, its the first time I try to upload a photo and something went wrong on my earlier post.

AKSA 22nd September 2019 12:55 AM

Very nice enclosure, Peter, and well lit with the LEDs, very nicely made........

First Watt, huh? The SAKSA is in good company!


pan53 22nd September 2019 11:16 AM

Thanks Hugh for the nice comment!

Actually the plan was to get an engraving done on the front plate: "SAKSA 85 twin" and I had it also prepared correctly in Adobe Illustrator but the resulting dwg file showed up on the italian computers outlined and not as full characters and they apparently could not correct that. I did not want the characters engraved outlined so we skipped that. Better unpretentious than ugly.

You wrote:

First Watt, huh? The SAKSA is in good company!

No. I would say:
SAKSA 85, huh? The First Watt is in good company!
Ha Ha. :cheerful:

Just kidding.
They both deserve each other.......


pan53 23rd September 2019 10:02 AM

Do fancy cables make sense?
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Due to a very narrow space behind the shelf the photos of the back side are suboptimal.
The cables are rather untidy as a) the speaker cables (the US „AntiCable“) are solid copper and very (!) stubborn and b) I have to run
the second pair of cinch connectors up to the little digital amp.
That will be much better after the second AKSA gets put in the enclosure and all cables run into one

One question came to my mind: Couple years ago the ongoing urge to optimize the system led me to replace my ordinary 2,5mm2
stranded cables with the not really cheap anticables. The result was between wishful thinking and scarcely noticable.

On the other hand, within my AKSA all my connections are done with cheapest spades with very small contact areas.
Still the improvement of the AKSA compared to my former amps is easily and at once noticable, so the cheap connections
don’t seem to have any detrimental effect !?

So does it make sense to put any attention on fancy cables before one has optimized ALL connections WITHIN the amp?

Should I solder the connections inside the amp?

Is there a consensus here in this forum? What are your experiences?

Some comments would be much appreciated.


maty tinman 23rd September 2019 10:21 AM

A photo of the inside would be appreciated. You can send it and others pictures to me and I upload them to my FTP account (active from 1998) and put them here (optimized too) so they can be seen easily.

Contacto | Nauscopio Scipiorum

pan53 23rd September 2019 10:41 AM

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Hi maty tinman,
Unfortunately just one lousy photo of the inside. I was just too eager to get it finished and playing to take photos during assembly. :blush: I will catch up on that when I get the second module. In the middle of the case the second transformer will sit, on the empty side the second AKSA. The wiring is not as it should be, its a bit sloppy. The blue tape on the front panel keep the 2 rectangular LEDs in place. Looks perfect from the outside and horrible on the inside. Will construct some brackets as a final solution.

maty tinman 23rd September 2019 02:29 PM

[Big IMG]


Originally Posted by pan53 (
The wiring is not as it should be, its a bit sloppy. The blue tape on the front panel keep the 2 rectangular LEDs in place. Looks perfect from the outside and horrible on the inside. Will construct some brackets as a final solution.

Lucky that I was not wrong and I have not uploaded the photo of my underwear :)

Wiring, maybe something like:

[IMG, link]

You know, "Twisting by the pool".

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