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Andy G 12th February 2004 11:13 AM

DIY web pages
I have been checking through my page of diy home urls.
I have removed a few that didn't go anywhere.

If you would like your site included on this list EMAIL me your name and url in the next week or so and add you to the list.

Vikash 13th February 2004 09:56 AM

Andy, not to take anything away from your great resource, but since this is now a permenant thread, I think it also makes sense to list your DIY sites here, possibly with a brief description of what you can find there. It could prove very useful when combined with the search function. :cool:

So here's mine:
And at the moment you will find a sealed MTM floorstander project, a transducer design diary, an impedence measurement clamp, and some pics of my Walling jig 2.

macky888 14th February 2004 03:05 AM

My Audio DIY homepage is:

Short description of contents:

- High efficiency 18" 25Hz vented subwoofer
- Peerless XLS 12" Dual Passive Radiator subwoofer
- Peerless XLS 10" Dual Passive Radiator subwoofer
- High efficiency 3-way horn-loaded tower loudspeakers
- Conical midrange horn prototypes with measurements w/Alpha 6 driver
- Tractrix midrange horn prototypes with measurements w/Alpha 6 driver
- Individual sections on components in 3-way high eff mains inc JBL 2225H 15" bass driver, DIY midrange horns and JBL 2370A Bi-Radial horns + P.Audio PA-D45 compression driver

kingdaddy 4th March 2004 01:55 AM

I just updated mine earlier today.

I'll e-mail it to you as well, thanks Andy..

ergo 14th March 2004 10:45 AM

My DIY project description...

The project is called "The Fat Margaret Project" :)


Karoliina 16th March 2004 06:33 AM


My DIY audio homepage is:

Information contents:
- Fane Colossus 18XB subwoofer
- Karoliina LCR prototype model 1 speakers (measurements &
improvements ongoing, updates can be seen on my forum)

My loudspeaker design forum can be found from the following URL:

Home theater building & room acoustics discussion can be done here:

Best Wishes,

Xmax BR 19th March 2004 09:04 PM

My audio DIY


Xmax BR

IanHarvey 22nd March 2004 12:35 PM

Cross-reference added
I've cross-linked this thread, and Andy's links page, from the Wiki, see:


Karoliina 13th April 2004 08:13 AM

Speaker workshop open source software project page
Dear potential propellerheads,

Speaker workshop is a free GPL speaker design,
simulation and measurement suite which is being
developed under Linux (binaries supplied by Karoliina
are in Suse Linux 9.0 compatible format that will work
propably with Redhat/Fedora Core and Mandrake Linux distributions
as well). Ports to other operating systems
can be done later since all selected toolkits and libraries
are cross-platform (Qt, libxml2 etc.). In fact, someone
doing open source software to MacOS X with Qt/Mac free could be
helpful if contributing this project. Also if someone would
be willing to help with the Windows port, it would be also
welcome. For Windows port, someone owning the commercial
Qt Windows would be needed. Also porting of the libxml2 and
libqwt would be needed to these operating systems in the case
there aren't yet ports available (there may be already,
I haven't checked so far).

The project is based on open source and everyone is
welcomed to join. The aim is to do a free software which
will rival the most sophisticated loudspeaker design programs.

Project page can be found from:

Earlier in these forums, the topic have been discussed for
example in this thread:

In the case you don't have access to ftp, the project files
are downloadable from a html page as well. If you are facing
a problem, how to upload the contributions (if there is
no access to the anonymous ftp available), feel free to send
them to me using e-mail. My e-mail address is:
karoliina at iti dot fi. Replace at and dot with @ and .

The first prototype GUI is already usable. The GUI may
be redone later because the nature of the program may
require redesign of the user interface when projects,
crossover design, horn modelling and modelling of speakers
together are added to the project. The prototype GUI
just calculates sealed bass box and calculates horn mouth
and throat dimensions for circular horns at given
cutoff frequency. A new calculation system can be found
from the source file jsm.cpp (and jsm.h) which will eventually
replace all calculation I have done with more specific

You don't need to be a software designer to contribute, you
can also tell ideas and suggestions, what would you wish
the program to do and especially how would you like something
to be implemented, e.g. in the user interface, taking in
the account that the program is going to be a integrated
complete speaker design environment. I have personally quite
little experience on speaker design softwares because I own
none of the commercial softwares (one of the reasons I am
implementing my own), explanations how they work, and compared to
them, how would you like this program to work,
would be very valuable. Easiest way to send the ideas to us
is to use the contact box on the project web page or to write
your ideas to ITI forums to the speaker design project thread
which can be found here:

I use the forums as an announcement and idea collection tool
rather than just as a discussion forum (allthough all discussion
there is of course very welcome too), and if you post your
comments to the thread, you can be sure that I will read it.

If this did rise your interest and you want to be one
of the great hackers doing the software, feel free to
go to the project page
and join the project by sending e-mail to me and telling
what kind of contribution you would be willing to do.
It is important that you send e-mail to me, replying
comments to this thread in the forums are more
likely to get lost than the comments given in ITI forum thread(s)
which I monitor very regularly.

If you feel that you have nothing valuable to contribute
but you know someone who could, please spread the word.
The more developers we get to the project, the more likely
it will be that it will succeed.

The idea is to provide a free software that everyone interested
in loudspeaker design can use without paying a big amount
of money for buying the software that is intended to the
professionals and priced for the professionals too (i.e.
too expensive for hobbyists that don't have any sales
from their designs).

The GPL license allows however, people
to sell reasonably priced binary distributions of the program,
for example bundled with additional material such as package,
printed user's manual(s), educational DVD, measurement microphone,
mic stand, installation program, design examples booklet or ebook
etc. proprietary material.
That can be done as long as the source is supplied along with
the binaries and the source is available for everyone for free of
charge, similar to Linux distributions that do basically the
same thing. If you would be interested in making a commercial
binary distribution of Speaker workshop software for example to
Windows, please take in account that in order to succeed to do
that, the program's first version needs to be first finished
and the and *your* contribution to the development may be
essential for its success and that there may and, quite likely,
will be also free distributions that will compete with the
non-free distributions, that is the nature of open source,
GPL (Gnu general public license) and free software.

An externally hosted image should be here but it no longer works. Please upload images instead of linking to them to prevent this.

Best Regards,
Karoliina Salminen, project founder & maintainer

stereobass 20th May 2004 04:30 AM

DIY web pages
Hi all,
Some new stuff up at:

More to come soon.

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