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Tea-Bag 21st November 2008 01:53 AM

F3 and F4 Clone PCB Reissue group buy
I have posted this information to other threads, but thought adding a unique thread to discuss the potential purpose of the Wiki and any other thoughts or anxieties that arise.

I have started the following Wiki

For those who want to sign up to purchase for another run of Peter Daniels clone of Nelson Pass's F3 and F4 amp schematics. Peter has agreed to do a run if 50 stereo sets are ordered.

Buyer beware that Loveltech's are difficult , but not impossible to find. Members Xaudio and Deep Surplus have some stock of them. Probably plenty for those who want to build the F3. The F4 parts (Matched FETS and JFETS )are available from
This is not an endoresement, but just some advice.

I am just trying to launch this, so probably cannot answer too many questions about circuit or boards, although the F4 boards I do have are nice quality and work.:)

Tea-Bag 26th November 2008 07:00 PM

Near Turkey day update

We are getting close to the 50 mark for the Firstwatt F3 and F4 clone PCB sets - about even on desired quantities.

Maybe for X-mas, some boards will be on their way from the North Pole (Canada).
Here is the current update.

Name Power Supply PCB Pair F3 PCB Pair F4 PCB
Mike Thomas 2 2 1
Mike Weinhold 1 2 0
Marsfrogie 2 2 0
Mark Gall 4 2 1
RDK 845 4 2 0
Salesmonster 4 2 2
dsavitsk 2 0 1
planet10 1 0 1
jimt 4 2 1
npapp 4 2 0
kurtbauer 4 0 2
dw8083 4 1 0
N-Brock 0 1 0
AR2 4 1 2
jims 2 2 0
jonclancy 2 2 0
mongosound 0 0 1
preiter 2 0 2
Skip Pack 0 0 3
audiotony 2 1 1
Nrik 2 2 0
d to the g 1 1 0
habsrock93 2 1 1
ejfud 2 1 1
xaudiox 2 1 1
ymwong 2 0 2
davidkl 2 0 2
cjunkk 2 0 2
Variac 0 0 2
Luke 0 0 1
olen 2 0 2
woodturner-fran 2 2 0
rigma 6 4 3
TEDAMP 0 0 2
Totals 73 36 37

woodturner-fran 27th November 2008 10:24 AM

Looking forward to getting some - thanks to all involved in making this happen....

I'm sure someone out there has a link to a mouser parts list for the stuff we newbies need to build one of these. I know the lovoltechs need to go separate, but for the rest of the components such a list would be really helpful.

Many thanks to Peter, Mr. Pass, yourself and all those involved in making it happen.....


Tea-Bag 27th November 2008 03:33 PM

F3 bom
2 Attachment(s)
This isn't for Mouser part #'s, but this will give you an idea.
I am not sure how the PS is being rigged in this design. I plan on F2 like Power supply using 35v transformer, and 50v+ caps, .47R resistors. Also the Fuse looks like this BOM suits 220v, which is fine for your area, I believe.

Matched MOSFETs are available from

woodturner-fran 27th November 2008 11:13 PM

That is so helpful! It will be easy to figure out a shopping list with those specs.

I suppose we should confirm that the PCB numbering is the same as that BOM numbering...... perhaps Peter has a BOM that matches his boards.....


khundude 28th November 2008 01:19 AM

How much for the boards?

Tea-Bag 28th November 2008 02:03 AM


Originally posted by khundude
How much for the boards?

Peter Daniel will need to determine that. He's not making any money off this, so they are relatively inexpensive. I think about $15 USD for an Power Board, and $15 for a stereo set. This was approximate cost last time. Supply and Demand and manufacturing cost may all change this a bit.

adn6244 29th November 2008 07:07 PM

my apologies, I don't know how to edit the wiki...can you add :

Name, Power Supply PCB Pair, F3 PCB Pair, F4 PCB
adn6244, 2, 1, 1

thanks a lot!! :devilr: :cool:

adn6244 29th November 2008 07:07 PM

Pls delete my posting...I wanted to edit but still under moderation so unable to do it myself...

decided to cancel my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.


rigma 29th November 2008 07:07 PM

I have added my name and PCBs to the wiki list. I have never been in on a group buy before so someone let me know how and when to send money.


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