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abzug 8th February 2008 01:48 AM

New DAC chip
134 dB SNR and -118 dB THD are impressive, but I find some other things in the white paper more interesting, such as the discussion of dynamic element state space modulation by transients:
The time domain interpolation for SRC is reminiscent of what Anagram does in their DSP-based solution.
Too bad no mention at all of how they achieve their supposed 100% jitter rejection.
Looks like it should be easy to DIY with because it takes S/PDIF input and doesn't need that much around it on the digital side, and can be used as either voltage or current output due to the medium output impedance.

abzug 8th February 2008 04:19 AM

Waaait a minute! dusfor99 weren't you at ESS? I see a Dustin Foreman nametag in that Stereophile photo! LOL!

InfiniteGain 11th February 2008 01:02 PM

ESS Sabre Reference DAC (8-channel)

Does anybody know where to get hold of a unit or two of the ESS Sabre Reference DAC? The minimum dynamic range is 128dB!! THD better than -112dB any frequency.

Its the worlds best measuring DAC and supposedly the best sounding. The thing is, the DAC handles PCM, DVD Audio, SACD etc with unheard of quality and almost total lack of jitter. I was wondering if anybody may know how we can get our hands on them?


GestaltH 11th February 2008 09:31 PM

I was interested in this DAC too, so I hope someone has a resource of where to obtain them. It looks like they will be $29 each (@1000 units) according to a few articles online. Thats pretty pricey for a DAC, but being 100% jitter free (according to them) and some of its other properties make it look worth the money. I think I remember reading something about a voltage out also....

GestaltH 11th February 2008 10:07 PM


Looked it up and ESStech lists their American "Authorized Distributor" as Shaw Electronics ( However, their "request quote" page doesn't have a submit button. The submit button on their "request info" page produces an access denied error. And, when you email the address listed under the "contact us" page, the email gets returned. Also, trying to contact sales at ESStech directly via phone results in no answer and a full message box....

So, I have no idea how to figure out how to get some of these since I can't contact them or their distributor.

dusfor99 12th February 2008 07:48 AM

Hi Abzug,

Yes that is me. hmm, never thought my picture would be linked on this site. I have really not been following the DIY site closly for a long time since ive just been so busy doing derivative parts of the DAC. I will try to keep up with it more often now that people seem to have some interest in the part.


InfiniteGain 12th February 2008 09:52 AM

The initial article I saw said they were only distributing in batches of 1000 at $29 each! I was hoping somebody re-distributes in smaller quantities. Even if I have to buy 5, it works out quite favourable for me in the UK with the current exchange rate.

InfiniteGain 12th February 2008 01:59 PM

Yeah, I already have noticed. But in answer to your question, his account doesn't accept PMs or email through the website - so unless Dustin chooses to read this thread or the one you started and provide an answer, we cannot ask!

David Davenport 12th February 2008 03:09 PM

Hi Dustin,

I tried contacting you through your tech support but I guess you didn't get the message. Would you please contact me?

Dave Davenport

abzug 12th February 2008 08:32 PM

OK I emailed him about it.

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