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jrubins 17th April 2021 01:37 PM

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Originally Posted by HenrikEnquist (
This might be caused by the new code that tries to avoid the blocking read. I may have to add a setting to enable that only when needed.
Could you run again -vv, and post your config and the log please? Doesn't matter if the log gets very long, but probably better to attach it than pasting it in the post.

had to put it in a zip because it was too long for the txt attachment. Let me know if that works/doesn't.
I did try building with 32bit options this go round, but I'd go back o 64 bit if it made a difference. (I'm on a pi 4, latest raspbian with an updated kernel)

HenrikEnquist 17th April 2021 01:57 PM

Zip is fine! Could you also attach the config?

jrubins 17th April 2021 02:12 PM

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Zip is fine! Could you also attach the config?
oops! here it is.
I've tried with a couple other versions of the FIR crossover config. This is the one I ran that got that debug file.

HenrikEnquist 17th April 2021 06:53 PM

Thanks! Looking at your log, I would say that the new code to avoid the blocking read is causing this. I'll put in a setting for that and let the default be the old behavior.

Once that's done, there will be another beta release to make sure it works, then I hope I can release the final 0.5.0.
BTW the next beta will have SSE acceleration included! That should be about twice as fast on Atoms, Pentiums and Celerons.

And convolution should also be some 10-20% faster on arm.

HenrikEnquist 17th April 2021 08:28 PM

New beta here: Release v0.5.0-beta6 * HEnquist/camilladsp * GitHub

This version adds a new option to optionally avoid the blocking read of Alsa. This hopefully fixes the problem jrubins found.

Also, the new version of RustFFT with SSE4.1 support was released yesterday. This should give an up to 2x speed increase for convolution and synchronous resampling on x86_64 cpus that have SSE4.1 and not AVX, like Atoms, Celerons and Pentiums. For Arm, it will be some 10-20% faster due to some general optimizations.

jrubins 18th April 2021 01:23 PM

Cool! Is there anything different in the build/ install process? Or is non-blocking a run-time option? I should be able to install and test it out today and let you know.

HenrikEnquist 18th April 2021 02:33 PM

It's just a new config option on the capture device, see here:
GitHub - HEnquist/camilladsp at develop

The default to use the old mode, so you don't need to change your config.

mwmkravchenko 18th April 2021 03:04 PM

It's going to take me a few days to get up to speed with what Raptorlightning has done. But it looks pretty interesting.

mwmkravchenko 18th April 2021 03:06 PM

@Fluid thanks for the link. I had stumbled upon that site years ago and forgot about it.

I have to figure out how to do this from scratch. Might have to pick a few brains.

emailtim 18th April 2021 03:40 PM

What are the chances of adding an optional analyzer/monitor window to show the realtime outputs of each filtered channel ?

It could be used to very XOs on each channel with some pink noise playback.


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