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Yatsushiro 20th May 2020 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by joe (
Hi Blitz,

- For me the best ipad remote is Squeezepad (Squeezebox + iPad = SqueezePad). Nice and clear layout, no nonsense, It does everything I want from it.


Have you tried 'Material' ?

Greg Erskine 20th May 2020 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by Yatsushiro (
Have you tried 'Material' ?

I was going to say the same thing. The "material" skin is great (although it doesn't work on old iPad 2's).

garym999 6th June 2020 01:54 PM

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+1 for Material.

I would think that the SqueezeBox platform (pre Logitech) has got to be one of my longest lived bits of Tech. Got a Boom as clock radio that just goes on & on.

Then the likes of Materials/PiCorePlayer/iPlayer radio plugins just keep it going. Great work guys.:up::up::up:

I have just finshed housing my setup for my hifi unit based on Raspberry Pi 3B, 5" HDMI capacitive touchscreen, PiCorePlayer, IR remote control receiver, Allo Boss DAC, Custom PSU with split supplies for Audio path and rPi.

I did play around with Volumio on this for a bit but being invested in the LMS architecture it didn't really make any sense.

Greg Erskine 6th June 2020 09:04 PM

Very nice build.

garym999 6th June 2020 10:05 PM


Started out as screenless build using volumio using a Douk audio chassis. Then I decided to go back to PiCorePlayer and the screen was a very nice addition. But then I got PSU problems with the new rPi I dropped in so I had to upgrade the PSU (5.1v) to support it.

As the new PSU was open frame I 3D printed a protective cover for it and a new front panel.

Itís so good Iím wondering if I could adapt PiCore to include full preamp and source selection?

NVD33 31st August 2020 10:33 PM

Hi Greg and you all,

This post started in 2015 and there is lot to read.

I am here because I wish to make a standalone player base on rpi3b+/pCP and never succeeded. pCP needs network to boot.
For the moment, I start my player with an Ethernet cable connected to it (I do not want to use wifi) and disconnect once pCP has booted and then I have my standalone player. Is there a way to make pCP boot without the network?
I would be grateful if someone could point me directly to the post related to my concern if available please.

Greg Erskine 1st September 2020 01:26 AM

Hi NVD33,

I've never actually tried to make a standalone system. Just a couple of points that may help.

pCP should boot without a network connection but LMS may not start though.

A network connection is required for 2 things, downloading extensions and setting the time through ntpd. I think LMS now requires the time to be set. ??

Guys have done standalone systems, I am not sure how.


A123 1st September 2020 01:46 AM

Hi *,

I'm a pCp noob, but I do run standalone. If standalone === WAP.

I run RPi3A+ so don't have the luxury of a Ethernet connection.

From my understanding you need some kind of network connection in order to communicate with LMS. In my case, I setup a WAP SSID. I connect to the SSID like I would any other access point. So on my iPhone, I goto Setting | WiFi and connect to the RPi via SSID (WAP setup). I then navigate via iPeng.

I have the luxury to navigate via IR remote and bypass a network connection, but that's a completely separate issue.

After everything is updated and good to go, I change the RPi Wifi chip from a 'client' to a 'receiver'. So WiFi has to be enabled either for 'client' or 'receiver'.

To get to the WAP settings, you need to click 'Advanced' on the bottom tabs. In previous versions of pCP, it was under the 'Beta" tab.

Once you configure your WAP (similar to configuring a router), the 'client'-side WiFi will no longer be available. In my case, if everything is not configured properly you can hit a roadblock and no longer able to connect to the RPi. In your case you can just connect a Ethernet cable as normal and re-configure as needed.

Once you successful connect via WAP, you can disable Ethernet. Then I guess it's standalone at this point.

The benefit of standalone is less latency in iPeng. Since you are connecting directly to the RPi, you are not jumping through hoops to get to LMS.

Once you connect via WAP, you can configure pCP like you normally would with the IP address distributed to you. This may change. For example, if you normally use for pCp in a web browser to configure in WAP it maybe instead since you are getting an IP address from a different DHCP device.

Note: For A+, I have a USB->Ethernet device. So in previous versions of pcP, I had to load the network driver (netusb?). In current version, you just add a file named 'netusb'? to the BOOT folder and everything will be auto-handled. I need to connect to the network via USB->Ethernet device to update now and then.

A123 1st September 2020 02:16 AM

1) Up2Date pCP w/ built-in WiFi
2) Add a file named 'netusb'? to BOOT.
3) Connect USB->Ethernet device to have a second network connection to configure WAP.
4) Connect to the USB->Ethernet device's IP address in Web Browser to disable WiFi client and configure WAP (WiFi Receiver).
5) Connect to pCP via WAP SSID.
6) Remove USB->Ethernet device from system.

For 3B+, I'm guessing:

1) Up2Date pCP w/ built-in Ethernet
2) Connect to the Ethernet device's IP address in Web Browser to disable WiFi client and configure WAP (WiFi Receiver).
3) Connect to pCP via WAP SSID.
4) Disable Ethernet device from system.

You can enable Ethernet through the SSID Web Browser config when you want to do updates.

A123 1st September 2020 02:33 AM

I re-read the question and didn't take into account touchscreen users.

I'm guessing you can plug in a USB->Ethernet device into the 3B+, disable all the network connections and then remove the USB->Ethernet device.

Just plug in the USB->Ethernet device when your want to configure or update.

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