ZRT2.5 Revelator vs Mini Statements


2013-02-21 6:51 am
Hi all,

I am planning to build a pair of Speakers. I narrowed my choices down to ZaphAudio's ZRT 2.5 and Jeff Holtz's Mini Statements. Has anybody listened to these next to each other? Do you guys have any preference of one over the other?

I will be using these speakers 60/40 in favor of music to HT.

I don't have any experience building speakers, this is going to be my first build. Carpentry isn't an issue for me as I am in India and I have access to plenty of wood workshops.

Room isn't a big one, about 12' long.

I am currently listening to a pair of Paradigm monitor's with a Yamaha receiver as the amp (for right now, planning to upgrade the amp pretty soon.)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.