Zen Variations Part 2 Posted

Zen feedback resistors

Are the values of R2 and R3 correct in the Zen Variations- Part 2 article? Doesn't this give a voltage gain of less than -1? Are they transposed perchance? A great treatsie on the Aleph dynamic current source. If you could just replace that ZTX450 with a ZTX3310 with an LED level shifter for correct gate bias....... Whoops, the novice is about to get thrown out of the temple again. Thanks again for another of your excellent and generous articles.

Enquiring minds want to know,

Resistor values

I forgot to read the note on schematic. The last digit on the values is the multiplier, 5620 being 562 times ten to the zero or 562 ohms and 3011 being 301 times ten to the first or 3.01 K ohms. Uhg.... this gives an input impedance of about 562 ohms which will be great fun for most preamps to drive! Thanks for your attempt at sarcasm though, I guess my formal training expected a more usual convention on the schematic for resistor values although 1% resistors are often marked with this convention since there is not much room to print on a small resistor body. I will be more careful next time. This is the first schematic out of the the hundreds that I have seen with this convention for resistor values. A good page on conventions is at: