Zen V4 Capacitor Wiring

I'm looking at building a Zen V4 and I'm just planning on the power supply as of now. I'm planning on building a stero version, unbalanced, with two Plitron 077014201 transformers. As for capacitors, I'm currently planning to use Sprague Powerlytic 36DYs, as I have a stash of them here. I'm looking at using 8 per channel, for a total of 44,800mfd perchannel. I'm also looking to do point to point wiring, as they are screw terminals, I don't suppose anyone has a recommend wire gauge or type? The connectors I'm using are solder on spades.

I'm also looking at two MECI heatinks, part number 310-0281 for the heatsinking. I was wondering if you guys think this would be enough heatsinking(without using forced air) using the standard bias current(with both R0 and R1, so about 100W of heat will dissipation).
Wire guage

The wiring on the capacitors isn't critical, but certainly larger is better, within reason.

That's one of the great things about DIY: where a commercial manufacturer would try to save a few pennies on smaller wire, you can use something a couple sizes larger than is really necessary, to ensure absolutely minimal voltage drop and low impedance. The beauty of DIY is in the details. :D

BTW, I'm thinking about using those small diameter copper pipes you can find in hobby stores for my cap bank on my Zen v4.