Zen V1 with SMPS - Could use some help

So I decided to use an SMPS with a zen v1 amp I bought and I have run into a few problems. Specificly I seem to have blown all my active devices on both channels. Rather then go through them all I think I am going to phrase my question this way because I want to start from scratch and figgure out where I went wrong.

I want to build a Pass Zen V1 amplifier using this 48V SMPS . How do I need to change the circuit to make this work? I understand that the SMPS has a higher V output but I don't think this will be a major issue due to this link. From looking at spec sheets I think that the active devices should be able to handle the higher voltage. I will have to look at the caps but considering the large caps are run in parallel they should be ok (parallel caps = half F + double V capcity right?). what else should I be looking at?