Zen output caps

Computer grade capacitors are designed to be power supply filter capacitors. Although I have never tried them I don't think they would make great output caps (correct me if I am wrong). It sounds easy enough to try though and have a listen. I do think there are better electrolytics that would be more suitable for this task than computer grade electrolytics. Elna and Nichicon and Panasonic make some fine electrolytic capacitors designed specifically for this task.
Thanks for the replay Kilowattski,

Yes, I know this might be true and that was the reason for my question.

In my old Zen have a combination of Panasonic + Chemicon bypassed by a 10u poliprop to add to some 12mf and works well.

And yes, it's easy to try, but on the new proyect wish to have only one lytic with a 10u bypass but I'll have to buy them since I don't have suitable ones.