Zaphs W3-871 notch filter?

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Hi Mark,

According to his article, and if you're using the first box suggested then the notch requirements are:

L1 - 0.7mH, 19 ga air core (.41 dcr)
R1 - 6.8 ohm, 10 watt non-inducitive
C1 - 8.2 mfd poly

The second/third boxes use C1 - 3.3 mfd poly

If you haven't got the article then email Zaph, I'm sure he'll email it to you, or I can email it you for that matter if Zaph has no objections.
I am building the one shown in the diagram below.

It would be nice if you could send me the article, for some reason I only saved the box designes and not the crossover designs, probably assuming that Zaph wouldnt remove them from his website.



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if so, yeah, i've been running them in zaph's taller box design for about a year now. they are being powered by my pc speaker system (they took the place of the fronts in a cambridge soundworks 4.1 setup). i would not doubt that there's some sort of crossover/filter setup built into the speaker system, but they sound great the way they are now. built a 5.1 setup for my parents w/o a notch and they sound very good (also a different enclosure design). my next setup is a 6.1 B3S setup using cyburg needle enclosures for the fronts. we'll see how that goes.
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Why not using the player's EQ instead of filtering? I have measured my Itrigue 3400 with mic at listening position and compensated it with the winamp - media player eq. They sounded much better. Since you know what your speakers need from Zaphs before-after notch FR charts just eq them and avoid the notch. You will gain dynamics and save components out of signal's way.
yet again my project stalled, just finished uni and have been spending all my money on alcohol and petrol (not consumed at same time :whazzat: ) and Im waiting for the doller to drop again before I order anything.

All the parts can be found here I think they now have online ordering and they are quite cheap too, im going to order some other XO parts as well for Zaphs audax mini speakers (remember everyone buying that AP100Z0 from maplin last year? well I have to do something with the 8 that I bought!!! )

See you

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