Zaph ZA5.3c MTM dimensional challenges

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Zaph MTM center channel challenge with overall dimensions.

Hi to all, this will be my 2nd DIY speaker project and my first post. I've been looking around here for a few weeks trying to decide which project would be best for my application and I think I'd do best with the Zaph Audio ZA5.3c for my center and L/R front channels speakers.

But alas, I've got a challenge......

According to John Krutke's site, the cabinet size, shape and dimensions are sacred. I get that, but sometimes, in the interest of domestic tranquility, we compromise on the rules. *All except hers of course*
So, in the spirit of maintaining domestic tranquility I need to apply the WAF inverse rule of physics and modify the cabinet slightly.
I've attached a drawing of my situation and I'd appreciate input from the community.

My flat screen is mounted on a delta shaped stand with two shelfs below the screen. The first shelf is located below a 4.75" top brace at the top of the stand (where the monitor's base rests) and has a 6" opening from the bottom of the brace to the shelf surface. Obviously, an 8" high speaker won't fit within a 6" opening. (Pauli exclusion principal; two solid objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time).

I need to skinny up the center channel to around 5-7/8" in order to fit it between the 6" opening of the brace at the top and the shelf below.
Mr. Krutke is very clear that the center of the tweeter must be within 2.63" to the outer edge of the speaker enclosure.

So, my question is; is this a minimum, maximum,or absolute distance?
If I redesign the enclosure to fit within the 6" opening, I'd have 4-3/4" of shiny black surface above the speaker with approximately a 1/16" gap between the top of the speaker cabinet and the bottom of the horizontal brace above. I'd deepen the enclosure to 12" to bring the internal volume back to 0.71 cu. ft.

Please take a look at the drawing and I think you'll see my challenge.
Thanks ahead of time, a please be gentle on the Noob if this seems to be a silly question.

Best regards,
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first of all, remember that speaker building is all about compromises and obviously you're in a position where you have to choose what to compromise.

i think (could be wrong) that ~10% changes to baffle width or driver position are acceptable if situations dictate them. reducing tweeter offset as you request will possibly change the off-axis response but the speaker will be seeing the black surface above it as part of the baffle so it might not change much after all. i believe the center model of this design has reduced baffle step anyway so my recommendation is if you like the design, it fits in your shelf, your significant other is happy, then go for it. it may not be exactly as John designed it, or it may not change much if at all. i've seen greater deviations from the original than you are asking for and i don't think the speaker police gave out any fines so i think you'll be alright.

I don't have the software or skill to do any simulations, but what if you adjusted the box dimensions to fit the shelf, while keeping the overall volume, AND made the front baffle close to original (keeping speaker-to-edge distances close as possible)

Would your shelf allow that? I'm thinking shaped like a drawer were the face is larger than the box.

I could be totally out of line here, just my first though on your problem
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