Zaph 5.2 and 5.3c

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Hi everyone. I recently finished building my first set of speakers. Granted, since I am a first-timer, I did go with a kit. I am a college student and decided to do this as a summer project, and damn its been fun. Unfortunately, now I want to build more... but then again I am still a college student, and don't have the funds to continually feed this new addiction.

Anyway, while I was looking around for what I wanted to build as far as kits go, I was amazed at how few examples of finished kit projects there are out there. I know that first-timers aren't exactly the most likely people to put their stuff out there for people to see. Which is exactly why I'm posting my project. Though, I do regret not taking any photos of the building process. So, anybody looking at the Zaph kits, here you go. This may be the low end of what is possible with these kits, since I didn't deviate much from the basic cabinet plan.

While, I know I don't have much experience with higher-end audio, I can say that I LOVE the way these speakers sound. I know they don't have an incredible low end, but when paired with a sub, who cares? Mid-range is absolutely phenomenal. The performance for the price of these kits are simply amazing.

That said, here are some photos:


  • Zaph ZA5.2 set.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.2 set.JPG
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  • Zaph ZA5.2 front.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.2 front.JPG
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  • Zaph ZA5.3c_topleft.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.3c_topleft.JPG
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  • Zaph ZA5.3c_close.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.3c_close.JPG
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  • Zaph ZA5.3c_front.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.3c_front.JPG
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  • Zaph ZA5.2 ZA5.3c left.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.2 ZA5.3c left.JPG
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  • Zaph ZA5.2 ZA5.3c front.JPG
    Zaph ZA5.2 ZA5.3c front.JPG
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Those look really nice! The most important thing is that you like them and the way they sound, and I am sure they really do sound good since it is a Zaph design. Plus you get to tell everyone I made those myself. You have every right to be proud of an excellent first project!!

I cot my 5.2 parts last week and am setting up the circle templates to cut this week hopefully.

This is my first set of 'good' speakers and I can not wait to get them done!
Don't wanna take over this thread, so I'll do my own later.

These Zaph drivers look incredible.
I don't know what kind of area you have setup to paint, but make sure you have the surface as perfect as possible before painting and then really pay attention to keeping dust out while painting and between coats. Other than that, I put down two coats of cheap primer. Sand between coats. Then for the final metallic paint, I put two layers on the bottom surface first. Then I put down two coats on the other 5 sides all at once. With the rattle can you have to watch out for when the can gets close to running out, most will start putting out a paint with a little different consistency and texture. I learned that the hard way on the first speaker and had to sand it down and redo it. So, unfortunately I'd stop using the can when you've used about 3/4 of it. Finally, after the paint, I put two layers lacquer in the same order as with the metallic paint.

I may not have the best method for this, but it did work for me. I did this in my garage with very limited space. Hope this has some value for you. Good luck. I'd love to see how yours turn out.
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