Z4 E89 tweeter fitting x over question


2016-03-09 1:45 pm
I have a 2013 bmw z4 with standard 6 speaker system. ( no tweeter just the cover) I have found a good sound upgrade. Fit standard BMW Z4 tweeter.
Replace door speaker with mid range only one from a mini cooper.
I have a picture of one that is ready to be fitted.
The issue I will have is what size capacitor to fit and how exactly it gets wired.
I guess this will work as the cross over.
My head unit is BMW professional.

Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
Not many specifics to work with. A 4.7uF, 100v non-polarized capacitor in series with the tweeter should be safe. You'll tap the tweeter signal off of the midrange speaker.

Be very careful when making the connections (power off, all connections well insulated before applying power). A mistake that damages the head unit or OEM amplifier could be very expensive to repair.