Your top 5 builds? ( Not yet capable to design my own)

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I've spent days upon days reading through this great mine of information, sometimes getting lost trying to grasp some of the finer technical detail.

One thing is certain in my mind and that's there's no shortage of designs out there.

For someone who isn't knowledgeable enough to design their own multiway, and is quite content with the challenge of the building process;

What's your top 5 "off the shelf" builds?
Tiled floor might make for some harsh reflections. This is a bit like the bare room that sounds so echoey...

Sounds way better with some carpets and drapes somewhere.

There is a style of loudspeaker that is less vertically room dependent. A rug on the middle of the floor will help.



Vifa PL14WJ-

And another slight variation, the Gryphon Mojo:


Whether these 5" midbass speakers have enough deep bass to satisfy is debateable. But a top 5 idea, IMO. :)
The Carmody Tarkus May be worth a look.

Tarkus - undefinition

The Kairos or Continium but with the bass module.

The Kairos and Continuum Three-Way Loudspeakers -

Techtalk Speaker Building, Audio, Video Discussion Forum

Or the Troels SBA741 with bass module or SBA10.


IPL transmission lines also have a good reputation.


But as others have said, it is a fairly large room and without some treatment (carpet/rug/soft furnishings/curtains) you may be fighting a loosing battle with reflections.
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I suspect that any good design can be converted to twin drivers. It gives a more PA sound that is less room dependent. Possibly a narrow dispersion pattern can work well in a lively room too, but you might need some drapes behind the listening position.

But Dave, aka planet10, your WAW/FST (A12pw MTM) is not wildly different from my much-liked Wharfedale E70, IMO!



Based on a good idea, one suspects. :D
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