your favorite chocolate


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2007-12-31 1:16 am
few months ago i bought some hershey "cacao reserve 65%" at a shop rite supermarket ( later also at 99 cents store ! ! ! ) and i simply loved it

my friend also could not understand how hershey chocolate bar could taste good ... loved it as well

on the other hand i hate hershey's "special dark" ...

i also like some chocolate bars from Lindt ... but not all

can anybody recommend some chocolate bars that you personally liked ? im not talking about some exotic expensive chocolate that you convinced yourself is good but something that you tried without necessarily expecting anything special and were pleasantly surprised ?

Ron E

2002-06-27 10:41 pm
Hersheys 65% is _very_ good.

I tried Ritter sport dark, found it too sweet. Some of the higher % chocolates have a bland, waxy taste, IMO. Some sugar is needed to bring out the flavor.

Lindt truffles, anyway, are rather ho-hum, IMO. Some truffles (forget the name) are simply to die for. Most that I like are rolled in cacao rather than coated with a firmer chocolate.

For bang for the buck, I prefer semi-sweet chocolate chips to most bar chocolate. I like the bite. Pop about 6 into your mouth and hold them against your palate with your tongue until they dissolve ;)


2007-03-18 9:22 am
I bought a bar of Lindt Excellence with Chili. Rather strange but very nice.

Lindt 80% (or is it 85 or 90?) is an interesting experience. Too strong for me to just eat it.
Try 1/4 of a square, melt it slightly in your mouth then have a sip of Guinness.