Yippee......... & finally !!!......

... the Vifa 3-way pyramids are up and running-in.

They sound pretty good so far ! Unless something is obviously way off, I always leave speakers until they have run-in for a few hours before fiddling with them.

The 3-way linked series x-o sounds as though it is not far of being pretty flat, as per the sim done by Wil Keltcher (thanks Wil). Bit of sibilance, which I hope will go away as the drivers run in.

I was worried that the P21 wouldn't do enough bass, but that doesn't seem to be a problem at all at the moment, very solid !!! , maybe some slight port tuning needed.

There is no obvious "boxy" sound from the P13Wh in its stuffed open back tube.

the front baffle treatment worked really nicely even though I had to add an edge trim on the hessian (cheese cloth) .The trim is on the side of the cabinet and is barely noticeable !

I'll do some camera work this arvo and hopefully get some pics up tomorrow