Yikes! How did I end up here?

Hi Everyone, I've been visiting DIY Audio for a while and finally decided to become a member. I'm an Australian artist doing a residency at a contemporary artspace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
The project I have chosen here is to make video projectors from stuff largely scavenged from the many second hand markets here (plus a few items I'll probably have to buy).
My emphasis will be on cheapness rather than quality, since artists here don't have much cash and I want to make stuff that they will be able to make also.
I have found heaps of second hand laptop LCD Screens which I can pick up for about $20 - $70, but after readfing the forums I was disappointed to learn they won't be much use to me. Any ideas?
I'm also interested in making large LED screens to show video, the schematics of which I'd like to discuss in later posts.
I'm really not a techy - I'm an artist, but I love fooling around with electronics and I'm patient.
Love to hear from you all, especially if you live in Indo or Singapore and can suggest good suppliers of parts.