Yet another Swede!


My name is Klas Mälman, I’m from the town Arboga, a small city 200km west of Stockholm in Sweden....

I've been lurking for a couple of months now and thought that it was time to join for real.

I work as a design engineer, mainly with electronics but also some mechanics.
My spare time is used for very much the same… building electronic stuff, mostly audio stuff such as speakers or audio electronics.

Have been speaking with some of you guys before, mostly about my homebuilt amp witch is a mechanically redesigned LeachAmp. I started to build it –98, and later released my plans on my homepage http:/ (Excuse my poor language on that page, and the broken links, and the lack of updates, and so on… ;)

I have many projects in my thoughts, but little time to make them happen…

The things that is in my head right now is to update the amp, and build a 4channel version to power the home cinema set-up…. And to build a decent preamp. Multi-channel, dual outputs (dual zones), with processor and eq-loops and so on, built in x-over, and a mix function (Must have the ability to listen to two sources at the same time :) , so the discussions about digitally controlled pots has been interesting…

Okay, that’s me!