YET another relay attenuator question


2004-06-11 3:55 pm

I'm at a real loss here. I've built 2 LYNX poweramps which are great although only compared to a friends NAIM 250. I'm building a preamp to suite and am looking for a relay switched attenuator with the option to remote. The Joshua Tree type does not mimic a 100K pot or any pot and I can't see where you would use this type of attenuator. What I am looking for is a 50K or 100K switched resistor attenuator using relays. I'm not a programmer so don't have PIC capablilities. Logic is easier for me.

Does anything so simple exist here? Well simple to you genius'. I have done a search but can't find anything.

The preamp I am building is based on some Naim boards and is configured 'buffer - pot - gain stage'.

thanks guys.