Yet another Pensil 10p build

I am not at all discouraged! In fact, I have just been busy planning the build. To this end I made a model in fusion to sketch up the bracing etc:


I have also sourced some more material and started cutting the wood. I will keep posting further updates as the build progresses.

Thanks for the responses!
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Looks vaguely familiar.
I wish I was still in a position to prove the hypothesis to my own ears, but I’d wager that for a lot of folks a much simpler bracing scheme than the full cabinet length inter-locking hand cut holey braces that are much easier to draw than to build might be adequate. In some builds, fabricating and fitting those braces - particularly if nested just snugly enough to the driver’s magnet to not stress their frames when gaskets and rear panels are fully compressed - can take more time than assembly of the exterior shell.
A few longitudinally oriented ribs of - let’s say 3” / 75 - 80mm - material separately connecting the two sides and front to back panel would be sufficient