Yet another new Laptop Idea

Yet another new Laptop Idea - is it Cr*p !?

An idea:

It is well known that it is almost impossible to strip a Laptop LCD panel and use it for projection because of the lack of a controller.

What about keeping the LCD Panel attached to the laptop stripping only the back off the panel (removing the backlight) and slot the laptop and panel underneath the projector box with the Panel slotting between the fresnels as you would an ordinary monitor.

In other words the power and controller for the Panel is the Laptop still except the light source is now the projector lamp.

To remotely control the laptop you could use a wireless keyboard and mouse/or also a laptop docking station.

Cr*p idea or possible what do you think?
People have done this before and had success.
If you have a spare laptop you don't mind tearing apart, it isnt such a bad idea.

On the other hand, there are solutions for Laptop LCD Panel's.
I recently ran a group buy for a Controller + Laptop LCD Combination, you will start to see them in projectors soon as they have just started arriving.

The controller allows us to use a WUXGA 15.4" LCD Panel, 16:10 ratio, 1920x1200 pixels.
The problem I had with using a laptop to get a WUXGA resolution is that the lack of inputs a laptop has, and its limitations to accept different signals. With a controller I am able to use s-video,composite,vga,component,and dvi-d without the use of a single computer.

You can find more details here:

I believe this solution will become more and more popular in the future, so another group buy appears to be in order.

Some of the people who have received their kits are posting at the LL Forums: