Yet another bose question

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Hi All,

First off, I want to say that I've been reading many Home Theater forums and have done searches on bose on all of them and am familiar with most if not all of the rants against bose, so no need to re-hash them here for me.

I also have noted that what I want to do is not covered anywhere else that I could find, so I was hoping to appeal to your interest in tinkering and overlook the name brand..

What I'm looking to do is use a bose media center (the actual electronics box with dvd player and tuner, etc) with non-bose speakers. As the amp inside the acoustimass module is proprietary and apparently the remote talks to it since it has dip switches on it that you match to the remote, I plan on using it, but not the accoustimass speakers.

The crossovers are inside the acoustimass module somewhere and are designed specifically to go with the tiny bose speakers.
I've read some posts around here where people have made reference to their design, so I imagine they are accesable and not inside the amps casing. (I have bought an accoustimass module off ebay to disect and it should be here next week).

Now to the meat of the question...

Can I replace or mod the crossovers to accomodate normal speakers including bass?

If I buy speakers with built in crossovers, cant I just cut the bose one out of the loop and go that way?

Any thoughts?

Didnt dump her :) but i am gonna be a man and build something. Smallish and ......... pretty ...regardless of what it sounds like :eek: ..

ahhh hell who ami kidding. Ill build something that will get me cut off for the forseeable future. Ill just buy a RealDoll and be done with it :D

As for the Bose thing, ya it has internal EQ and some kind of small powered crossover. The bass module (Mid ? ) has two small boards in it besides the amplifier. My grasp of electronics is just above that of an 8 year old toaster repairing prodigys so i cant identify anything if its right here. Ill go on what i was told from someone who has one in peices as we speak.

this is regarding using the bose cross overs - designing is all on seriousness and approach

for eg.

approach 1 - Driver up wards - no compromise design - choose the best drivers - run through for the best enclosure design tools - construct robustly - playback critically in the performance enviornment - then design the cross over - tweek it for spl matching - phase - and to remove any peaks obsereved (notch filters) etc.

approach 2 - Enclosure upwards - suited to life style - available space - budget etc - yet after a basic type is choiced - it is more or less then - driver upwards , choose to get the best drivers - for the intended , application and same with cross overs matching to the application and drivers and tweaking to own enviornment

i have broken my head over cross overs - and then found 2 simple capacitors solving the trick ( bass unit playing - direct )

any way the Bose cross overs have been built with heavy protections for their flimsy drivers - i doubt

an approach 3 - cross over upwards - is advisable

best of luck on your project

Suranjan Das Gupta

TYransducer Design Engineer
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.