Yamaha ja3882b 15"

Help needed with these drivers. I have 4 of the ja 3882b drivers. They are massively built and look like they could survive armageddon :eek:

My problem is the datasheet and the T/S params. The sheet came from Yamaha so it is in Japanese, the sheet lists the Qts as 0.13 with a fo of 30Hz. As far as i can tell the vas is 300litres sensitivity is 102dB.

Big question, how do i lower the qts to make this driver easier to work with ? Getting bass from them is proving to be very hard.
RE 3882b

oops, i meant raise qts .
these little buggers were running in some rather large mid horns. 100-2500 Hz
The beer midget wanted her house back so, i am now left with four of them. (drivers not beer midgets)
The data sheet is a pdf, i have no idea how to put these on the page.

The pics are of the driver in question, they make my jbl's look lightweight. In a horn these are exceptional, powerhandling and compression is not an issue.


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Hi David,
the jaycar plates aren't too bad. I was running these with an ultradrive and a dbx driverack. Amplification is bridged yammie 2002m's x2 and ARX 600's also x2.
For us power is not an issue, there are amps tucked away in cupboards and corners. (no storage room)

A few years ago Graham Maynard came up with a bass processor for undersize enclosures. It does a good job especially with the small enclosures.

However, i want to use less amp power now, not more. It seems a shame to put a super efficient driver like these into a box that will make them as inefficient as an amator extrema. (our mains)