yamaha ec-1 crossover

good day everyone,

I got a hold today a very rare yamaha EC-1 electronic crossover!, I pop up the lid and viola a wealth of electronic goodies multi gang Alps pots, rotary switches, custom made yamaha muting relays, TO5 package opamp which I think were being operated in class A mode. (they have heatsinks clip on to them). After searching and searching the net for info I found nothing, So I would like to ask everyone if some of you has any info about this unicorn crossover. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Nothing, but I did find this classic, I had the PXS-800 I think this is better. These units used to increase the tracking weight going down a warp in the record and decrease the tracking weight going up a warp, and they had little left and right antiskate servo motors in the arm to take care of slightly out of round records. But when they went wrong, wow, instantious paper weight, as not even Yamaha could fix some of the faults. The sideways arm drive for memory was linear magnetic, no motors. I sold my Linn for one of these, because of how good it sounded, it made the Linn sound loose in comparison, then shortly after came CD, and that was the begining of the end for me and the black disc.


Cheers George